Male fans resent Red Velvet’s Irene’s choice of feminist book

Published March 19, 2018, 3:11 AM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Pictures and photocards of Red Velvet’s Irene were burned by male fans after learning that she had been reading a feminist book.

The Korean girl group held a fan-meeting on Sunday, in which Irene was asked what book she has been reading recently. The singer answered: a feminist novel titled ‘Kim Ji Young, Born 1982’.

‘Kim Ji Young, Born 1982’ tackles the situation and condition of women in today’s Korean society. The novel consists of anecdotes of Ji Young’s life where she depicted how males and females were treated differently.

According to reports, male fans raged on an online community site upon knowing about the book — criticizing, insulting, and denouncing Irene while asserting that they are leaving Red Velvet’s fan club. They even posted pictures of Irene’s photos in flames.

(via Twitter / MANILA BULLETIN)
(via Twitter / MANILA BULLETIN)

Reveluvs, known as Red Velvet’s fans, defended their idol by expressing their thoughts through their social media accounts.

Some remarks stated:

“Korean male fans are burning Irene’s posters and pictures because she said she read a book about feminism…. I have no words. This is beyond arrogance they are disgusting. Men with huge egos, tiny brains and no logic.”

“Anyways, Irene doesn’t need those male fans because they are fake and only like her for her looks. She has a lot of female fans that will support and care for her”

“Irene gets objectified and sexualized on numerous Korean sites by those male ‘fans.’ good riddance they are leaving because she read a book on feminism, men really are trash.”

“Basically their logic is: you’re pretty, why do you need to read something like that. That book is a bestseller for all ages, they’re so ignorant /shakes my head/”

“I wish people like these take this chance to just leave the fandom.”