Mr. Fu

WTFu by MR. FU: Touched by a 'tiyanak'

During his stint as promodizer of a popular clothing brand and bookstore, Joemari Quilala always got customers' attention because of his good looks and physique. (lalo na mga ka-federacion na gusto siyang ma-getlak!)

WTFu by MR. FU: Wish Ko Hunk's comeback

Aside from my usual one-on-one interviews with interesting male personalities on our YouTube channel, WTFu, we also produce “reality episodes.” (wow, may budget!) 

WTFu by MR. FU: The actor-anchor

Jigo Postolero took almost all kinds of jobs before finally getting his break online. (nag-ikot ikot lang ala Sarah G daw muna!)

WTFu by MR. FU: The online split princess

Jonavhei Quintana’s love for dancing started at a very young age. (at least hindi inuna ang landi!)

WTFu by MR. FU: Energy FM’s 25th anniversary

I have an on-and-off communication with Energy FM Owner Rebecca Ann Sy. (dinaig ang relasyon sa showbiz!) Fifteen years ago, news anchor Joee Guilas introduced me to Ma’am Becca. (tulay sa tamang daan ba ito?!) She offered me a slot on her station.