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Career switch: Seafarer leaves life at sea to promote vanilla farming in Sarangani

Former marine officer Melvin Awid returned to Sarangani to promote vanilla farming throughout the region.

A new land to protect: Ex-military officer laid down arms to farm

After serving in the United States Military for over two decades, Mario Laureta finally laid down arms and returned to the Philippines to establish the Laureta Dragon Fruit Farm.

Happy bee day: Four beekeepers who do their best for the bees

May 20 is World Bee Day! Bees deserve to be recognized for how hard they work for our planet as its primary pollinator and their role in the biodiversity which humans depend on for survival.

A dream farm shared with others: Pantabangan farm resort becomes the perfect nature escape

What happens when a certified plantita finds the provincial nature spot of her dreams? A land next to a large lake and with a gorgeous view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range? That’s something you don’t let go. That’s exactly what Maricar Suarez did.

Mother Farmers: Five moms who farm for the future of the family

Mother’s Day is coming close! Aside from being a reminder to prepare a gift or to give your mom a hug, this article celebrates five previously featured farmers who did an exemplary job of juggling being a mother and a farmer.