Joseph Pedrajas


Japan grants P121 M for Filipinos to study in Japanese universities

​Japan has extended P121 million in grant assistance to the Philippines to provide Filipinos the opportunity to study in Japanese universities.

China allows Coast Guard to detain foreigners illegally entering into its waters — report

China has​ reportedly ​allowed its Coast Guard to detain starting mid-June those who will illegally enter ​the waters under its jurisdiction for up to 60 days without trial​ following the issuance of new regulations for its maritime troops.

Philippines to acquire five more marine vessels from Japan

The Philippines will acquire five multi-role response vessels  to enhance the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) maritime operations through a loan g​rant from Japan.

China brushes off wiretapping allegations

China has brushed off the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)’s move to probe reports of foreign diplomats’ illegal activities in the country amid wiretapping allegations being hurled against the Chinese embassy in Manila.

ASEAN, Chinese diplomats vow self-restraint amid South China Sea tension

Diplomats from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China agreed to observe self-restraint in the South China Sea as they met in Thailand for another set of talks in the face of increasing tension in the contested waterway.