The new, old Google Search:

With all the brouhaha of getting AI to do the searching for you, Google cannot be left behind by Microsoft and OpenAI AI-based search engines. Google announced and released its own AI-powered Google Search at Google I/O.

Google's AI Overview is a "move fast, break things" kind of move for Google to catch up. Whilst it moved fast enough, it broke one of the things that kept users from moving to other search engines - TRUST. Users trust Google to provide accurate search results (although this has been in decline for quite some time now, and yes, I do NOT use Google Search, but only in rare situations when DuckDuckGo results are insufficient). 

Today, when you do a search, Google's AI Overview might give you dangerous search results <"">, like using edible glue to get your cheese to stick to pizza or recommends eating a small rock every day. These are just some examples that Google's AI-based search engine is now churning out (see Search Engine Land <""> for more, like drinking urine). If you *still* trust everything Google tells you, you are in for a dangerous ride. As an excuse, Google told Business Insider <"">  that these are "extremely rare queries and aren't representative of most people's experience," but still. 

What do you do when you are a Google Search user and don't want to deal with whatever catch-up AI Overview feature the company is forcing on you? Loyal Google search users, well, can access This automatically adds "&udm=14" on your Google search queries so it will give you the old search results back, minus the AI overview BS. Personally, I use DuckDuckGo and SearXNG with none of those AI-BS.  Note that Google isn't the only one that does this. 


Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 11.06.24 AM.png
Perplexity.AI showing the same Google AI Overview search result weakness

Personally, if and when you can, avoid these AI-powered search engines as they do tend to make mistakes that may cost you, or worse, cost you your life even!