Traxion and Landbank forge partnership to advance financial inclusion in the Philippines

Strategic alliance aims to leverage digital transformation and innovative financial technologies to reach underserved communities, empower Filipinos, and drive sustainable development

At a glance

  • Traxion and LANDBANK have forged a pioneering partnership to enhance financial inclusion across the Philippines.

  • The partnership will integrate Traxion's digital banking expertise with LANDBANK's services, including QR code functionality for cards.

  • Focus on expanding financial services to underserved and remote communities.

  • Lynette V. Ortiz of LANDBANK and Anna J. Cuisia of Traxion highlighted the importance of the collaboration during the signing ceremony.

  • Both organizations aim to leverage advanced technologies to promote sustainable development and empower Filipinos.

Traxion, a leading fintech enabler in the country, and the Land Bank of the Philippines have forged a unique and pioneering partnership. This alliance, announced recently, is set to enhance financial inclusion across the Philippines. It represents a significant stride towards LANDBANK's vision of leading the nation-building charge by championing financial inclusion, digital transformation, and sustainable development that benefits all Filipinos.

LBP signing 2.jpg
Lynette V. Ortiz, President and CEO of LANDBANK, and Anna J. Cuisia, President and CEO of Traxion Tech, officially sign the partnership agreement, marking a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusion and digital transformation in the Philippines.


To bridge the widening gap between the vast underserved and unbanked population and the expanding range of innovative financial technologies, LANDBANK and fintech enabler Traxion are joining forces to expand financial inclusion further nationwide.

Under the agreement, Traxion will complement LANDBANK's digital banking services and offerings, reshaping the nation's economic landscape and transforming financial inclusion from a goal to a tangible reality.

Lynette V. Ortiz, LANDBANK president and chief executive officer, shared her vision during the signing ceremony: "This LANDBANKasama partnership will significantly broaden our network coverage, especially in remote and underserved communities where access to financial services is often limited."

LANDBANK also sees Traxion's expertise as crucial in implementing their plan to integrate QR code functionality into their cards. 

"Let us continue to explore more avenues for collaboration while leveraging the transformative power of technology in driving financial inclusion, empowering Filipinos, and serving the nation." Ortiz added. 

LANDBANK recognizes the invaluable role of Traxion's expertise in their plan to integrate QR code functionality into their cards. This strategic move is a testament to the trust and confidence LANDBANK has in Traxion's capabilities. 

"Traxion's technical expertise will be invaluable in the implementation of our plan to integrate QR code functionality into our cards to facilitate convenient, seamless, and secure cash disbursements, especially under the government's social amelioration programs. We expect to further accelerate our efforts to promote QR Ph code-enabled person-to-person (P2P) and person-to-merchant (P2M) payments with our partnership." Ortiz added.

The partnership will expand LANDBANK's market reach to include cooperatives, rural banks, and even microfinance institutions. "With Traxion's end-to-end PHYGITAL banking and payment solutions, LANDBANK can leverage the latest advancements in hybrid technology to serve all customer types across generations and locations. The extensive technology deployed will reduce the cost of doing business, extend LBP's agency banking activities, and empower the enablers Traxion has been supporting," said Ann J. Cuisia, president and CEO of Traxion Tech, at the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Land Bank of the Philippines.

Ann J. Cuisia, president and CEO of Traxion Tech, expressed her pride in being LANDBANK's technology partner in this transformative journey. She highlighted how Traxion's suite of innovative products and solutions is designed to empower financial institutions like LANDBANK to accelerate their go-to-market strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver unparalleled value to their customers, catering to both digital-savvy and traditional customers.

"At Traxion, we understand and listen to our market," Cuisia concluded. "We actively learn about the pain points of doing business and customer service. We recognize that financial and digital inclusion should go hand-in-hand with a strong awareness of the infrastructure challenges in this country and the varying levels of tech adoption among Filipinos."