TCL secures #1 spot for the Panel TV brand in the Philippines

Dominating the panel TV and premium QLED segments, TCL marks its 24-year Philippine journey

At a glance

  • TCL has secured the No. 1 spot in the country's panel TV market.

  • TCL leads in market share for its core business and premium QLED TV segment in the Philippines.

  • TCL has maintained an impressive 34% average growth rate across its entire business.

  • TCL launched a new campaign featuring brand ambassador Kathryn Bernardo.

  • TCL ranked No. 2 in global TV shipment market with 25.26 million units shipped in 2023.

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Kathryn Bernardo, TCL's brand ambassador, embodies the brand's commitment to inspiring greatness and delivering top-notch technology to Filipino homes.

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the world's top two TV brands, finally takes the No. 1 spot in the Panel TV Brand category of the Annual Cumulative Market Share Data for Panel TVs from TRS Research. This exciting news solidifies TCL's place as one of the world's dominant TV brands.

After 24 years of success in the Philippines, TCL has achieved a remarkable milestone: the No. 1 spot in market share (value and volume) for its core business, TCL TVs. This accomplishment is further bolstered by TCL's dominance in the premium TV segment, securing the top position for QLED televisions, according to TRS research.

The TCL brand also ranked No.2 in the global TV shipment market from January to December 2023. According to the Omdia Global TV sets report, the TCL brand TV shipment was 25.26 million units in 2023, representing 12.5% of the market share from January to December 2023, which was the No.2 TV brand in the global market.

TCL's mission is to bring excellent and technologically updated products to every Filipino's home, ensuring the right product for every person from its product portfolio that is easy on each Filipino's pocket.

The TCL brand also ranked No.2 in the global TV shipment market from January to December 2023 according to Omdia Global TV sets report.png
According to the Omdia Global TV sets report, TCL ranked No. 2 in global TV shipments with 25.26 million units in 2023, capturing 12.5% of the market share. 

"I am pleased to share that TCL has attained the following milestones through the dedication of our team and TCL products that bring joy, comfort, and quality to all our customers. We're honored by this recognition, and I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us," says Mr. Loyal Cheng, CEO of TCL Electronics Philippines.

TCL has become a significant force in the appliance industry, achieving an impressive 34% average growth rate across its entire business. The continued loyalty and support of Filipino customers drive this success.

Perfectly timed for this momentous occasion, TCL unveils its latest digital video commercial, headlined by its brand ambassador and Philippine entertainment royalty, Kathryn Bernardo.

Known for her dedication and success, Kathryn embodies TCL's mission to inspire greatness.  Whether facing challenges or celebrating triumphs, TCL offers the perfect entertainment, comfort, and practical solutions to elevate your everyday life.

"So whether in front of or behind the camera, with or without applause—I continue to share my story to be heard; Hear and see people who want nothing more than to succeed. The road is not always clear, but there is no reason to give up on the fight as long as you have something you want to go to. Because the time will come that you will be the inspiration," Kathryn enthused in her newly launched DVC.

Fresh off its #1 ranking, TCL will unveil a massive campaign showcasing its latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in big-screen TVs. Get ready to be amazed!

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