Zendaya hasn’t worn pieces from these design houses on the red carpet. Stylist Law Roach explains why

“When I said: ‘If you say no, it’ll be a no forever,’ that rang true for a long long time,” the stylist said.

Zendaya has been slaying every time she hits the red carpet. During the press tour for the movie “Dune: Part Two,” the actress birthed numerous style moments, which include an archival cyborg look from Mugler. She continued it with her red carpet appearances for the “Challengers” movie with her tenniscore ensembles. And cementing her fashion domination was her appearance at the 2024 Met Gala. With her style game at its peak, people would have thought that she wore pieces from major fashion houses. But her stylist Law Roach revealed that he refused to dress the actress pieces from some top brands.

In his interview with “The Cutting Room Floor” podcast, Law Roach listed down the brands Zendaya has never worn on the red carpet as they denied dressing her during her early days in the industry.

“I would write the big five. I would write Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Dior, and they would all say, ‘No, try again next year. She’s too green. She’s not on our calendar,’” the stylist said during the interview. “I still have the receipts. By the time she got to [the cover of] American Vogue [in 2017], she still had never worn any of those designers. She still hasn’t.”

“She still has never worn Dior on a carpet. She still has never worn Chanel on a carpet. She has still never worn Gucci on a carpet—any press, any appearance, never. Never,” he continued. “The first time she wore Valentino in public is when she had a contract.”

Although he clarified that Zendaya has worn designs from the big brands for editorial shoots, the actress hasn't been seen wearing them on the red carpet.

Earlier in 2023, Law Roach announced his retirement from being a celebrity stylist, which generated buzz in the industry as many became worried about his working relationship with Zendaya. But through a social media post, he assured everyone that he would continue to curate looks for the actress.

“So y’all really think I’m breaking up with Z… We are forever,” he tweeted. “She’s my little sister and it’s real love, not the fake industry love.”

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