Interview: K-pop boy band CIX on their new music ‘0 or 1,’ goals in 2024 

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  • Ahead of the US concert tour, they told Manila Bulletin about their new single album, goals in 2024 and the possibility of holding an event in the Philippines

K-pop boy band CIX will be returning to North America for their third concert tour “0 or 1.”

The tour is the name of their new “single album”  “0 or 1” which was released last January. 

This will be their third concert tour in the US. Last year, they held their second world tour “Save Me, Kill Me.” In 2022, they held the “Rebel” tour. 

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K-pop boy band CIX (C9 Entertainment)

CIX debuted in 2019 under C9 Entertainment with members BX, Seunghun, Bae Jin-young (former member of Wanna One), Yonghee and Hyunsuk. 

They will kick off the tour in Chicago on May 10 and visit other cities including New York, Montreal, San Juan, Atlanta, Dallas, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. 


K-pop boy band CIX will embark on a North American tour starting in May (C9 Entertainment)

Ahead of the US concert tour, CIX told Manila Bulletin about their new single, goals in 2024 and the possibility of holding an event in the Philippines. 

“0 or 1” became their comeback vehicle after releasing the mini-album "OK’ Episode 2: I’m OK" in May last year. 

“This single album ‘0 or 1’ is filled with music that highlights a different side that has not been shown before while maintaining CIX’s unique color. To break away from the universe for a while and show a new side of ourselves, we have decided to release it as a single album rather than a mini album,” said BX on why they chose to release a single album this time. 

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CIX's Bae Jin-young (C9 Entertainment)YONGHEE, Individual Concept Photo A.jpeg

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CIX's Yonghee (C9 Entertainment)BX, Individual Concept Photo A.jpeg

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CIX's BX (C9 Entertainment)SEUNGHUN, Individual Concept Photo A.jpeg

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CIX's Seunghun (C9 Entertainment)HYUNSUK, Individual Concept Photo A.jpeg

HYUNSUK, Individual Concept Photo B.jpeg

CIX's Hyunsuk (C9 Entertainment)

About the “0 or 1,” Yonghee said, “We made a comeback eight months after our 6th mini album whose title song is ‘Save Me, Kill Me.’” 

“This is CIX’s first single album consisting of a title song ‘Lovers or Enemies’ and a B-side track ‘My Name is Shadow.’ The title song is a straightforward confessional song asking you to choose either be my lover or be my enemy. It is a dance-pop song that showcases retro yet sophisticated instruments and vocoders,” he added. 

Bae Jin-young said, “The second song, ‘My Name is Shadow”, is a song that contains a message of devoted love and that it is okay to be a lover’s shadow. It is a dreamy, fairly-tale-like song with poetic lyrics. It is a truly attractive song with impressive lyrics such as ‘You may not know, but my name is Shadow’ and ‘My name is Shadow who lives for you.’”

About coming back in eight months, Bae Jin-young said, “It was such a good feeling that I was very excited and looking forward to this promotion! I also waited a long time for the moment to meet the fans on a music broadcast, and I wanted to quickly show them our stage.”

“We would like to thank the fans who have waited for us for a long time, and we are happy and excited to show a different side of CIX through good songs,” said Yonghee. 

Through “0 or 1,” BX said they “want to show the public that CIX can show a variety of colors rather than just one color.”

“Our biggest goal is to create various unforgettable memories with FIX through this album promotion,” said Hyunsuk. 

For their individual wishes in 2024, Seunghun said, “I hope it will be a year in which I can challenge myself, face many limitations, and learn and grow a lot through those challenges and limitations.”

“As it is the year of the dragon, I hope that everything we need to wish to achieve will come true and that we will be healthy and happy,” according to Bae Jin-young. 

On what they want to achieve in 2024 as a group and as individuals, Yonghee said, “We want to let more people hear our music. I want to be healthy, and happy and try many new challenges.”

For Hyunsuk, he said that “we hope CIX to be known to more people, and I want to take on new challenges through acting.”

On whether they have plans to hold a tour or fan meeting in the Philippines, BX said, “We can’t tell you specifically, but if we get the chance, we’d like to go ahead and meet our fans!”

“We haven’t had a tour or fan meeting in the Philippines yet, so if there’s a good opportunity. We’d like to meet our fans in the Philippines! Until then, thank you for waiting, and stay healthy while listening to our music!” said Seunghun. 

Here are the dates of CIX’s North American tour:

May 10: Chicago | Copernicus Center

May 12: New York | United Palace

May 14: Montreal | L’Olympia

May 17: San Juan | Teatro Inter Bayamon

May 19: Atlanta | Variety Playhouse

May 21: Dallas | South Side Music Hall

May 24: Mexico City | Auditorio BB

May 26: Los Angeles | Novo