Be like DongYan 'at ma-in love' with the Better Chicken McDo

The fan favorite levels up with dinosaur-size pieces, juicy meat, and irresistible crunch

Handa ka na ba ma-in love? More and more people are falling in love with the Better Chicken McDo. Even Box Office King and Queen Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are hooked on it. The stars of the newest McDonald’s commercial can’t stop talking (and dancing) about the "Much malaki. Much juicier. Much crispier Chicken McDo!" And they are not alone.

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Have the ultimate fried chicken experience with Box Office King and Queen Dingdong Dantes' and Marian Rivera's favorite Chicken McDo

It’s the Chicken McDo of your dreams

McDonald’s experts all know what a fan favorite Chicken McDo is. Fried Chicken aficionados can’t get enough of it, and those who haven’t tried it are about to feel a serious bout of "FOMO." Imagine dinosaur-sized chicken pieces with perfectly crispy and flaky skin surrounding flavorful and juicy meat. Finished with a rich gravy, it’s fried chicken heaven in a single bite. Pass the rice please.

Setting out to achieve a new gold standard in fast food fried chicken, McDonald’s have carefully selected better cuts, soaked in a flavorful marinade, and coated using their new breading process. This helps ensure consistently perfectly cooked and tasty Chicken McDo with every order.

The ultimate fried chicken experience levels up with McDonald’s new Sulit offers. Rice lovers rejoice, because the 1-pc Chicken McDo meal now comes with double rice. It’s that carb-powered boost you need for a busy day. Go ahead and get more gravy while you're at it. If dessert is a must, the 1-pc Chicken McDo with McFloat meal is the way to go.

Choice yan ni DongYan

DongYan joins top Filipino celebrities Vice Ganda, Paolo Ballesteros, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo as part of the McDonald’s family, heralding why they love the Better Chicken McDo so much.

As avid foodies, the beloved first couple of Philippine showbiz know they what they want when it comes to fried chicken– skin that makes a loud crunch with every bite, succulent and juicy meat, in large chunky cuts. There’s just so much to love, and DongYan can’t stop raving about it. That’s pretty much why they’re dancing about it too.

Order dinosaur chicken and love this DongYan's choice whether it's a 1-pc Chicken McDo with Double Rice or 1-piece Chicken McDo with McFloat

Get your better Chicken McDo fix anytime, anywhere

Just like DongYan, go ahead and give in to your craving for the trending Better Chicken McDo. After all, parami ng parami na ang in-love sa "Much Malaki, Much Juicier, and Much Crispier Chicken McDo!"

Head out to your nearest McDonald’s branch, order kiosk, take-out counter, or drive-thru and order one for yourself, and for your special someone. For a night in or a busy working lunch, you can order from
McDelivery (, GrabFood and FoodPanda.

To catch the dancing bug just like DongYan in their latest Chicken McDo TV commercial, check out