Empowering one’s dream                     

Bryan Arthur and Tyler sought my view on employment and training possibilities. They’re Gen Z otherwise known as zoomers and technologically savvy, but this early both are already planning their career path. Tyler is in grade 12 while Bryan is in his last year of obtaining a degree in Industrial Engineering (IE) at De La Salle.

Bryan is passionate about becoming a licensed IE, a comprehensive degree with courses that focus on the bottom line, savings, finance and business improvement.

I fully understand and feel his enthusiasm. Based on my research, many stalwarts in the local industry are IEs.  I am pretty sure that not many of you know that the late Secretary of Interior and Local Government Jesse Robredo is an IE. The prestigious list likewise includes Security Bank Chair Frederick Dy, AlphaLand Chairman and former Finance Undersecretary Eric Recto, Globe Telecom President Ernest Cu, former Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato Dela Peña and Ambassador Francis Chua.

This has captured my attention because not too long ago, IE is a degree earned without a board exam required for certification, and for those in the other Engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Chemical, etc), the joke would be that IE stood for ‘-indi Engineering’. 

Fast forward to the present with the ever-changing business conditions and the unexpected turn of developments, it’s now the era of the IE. Heard from his circles that IE also stands for “Impact Engineering” and learned as well that graduates of the course are now the driving force in the corporate world with some ending up being the head honcho of companies they work with.

This is simply because Industrial Engineering is a unique immersion in both the technical and business aspects of the work environment. It involves the improvement of functioning areas, data analytics, and forecasting. It prepares one to critically look at the past, present and future of any business operation. As such, the IE graduate is highly flexible and adaptable in the workplace. 

Owing the significance of their responsibility led to the birth of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE) in 1998. Base on my research, two years later in 2010, PIIE established a certification exam for degree holders to obtain a Certified Industrial Engineer (CIE) status.

The CIE process is a baseline competency examination that’s blended with peer recognition - the next best thing to a national board examination. This empowers, prepares an IE’s marketability for and dreams to work in the ASEAN region.

Another firm which thrust goes along empowering one’s dream is Southern California-based CSI Professionals, Inc. CSI, not to be mistaken with the forensics crime drama TV series popular in early 2000, is a leading employment and training agency.

Heard about CSI from the corridors of De La Salle when its International Team recently embarked on an inspiring tour of Manila and visited, among others, Asian Institute of Management, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and St. Scholastica’s College, where the company’s Vice President and founder Marge Ordiales was an alumna.

The move is part of the company’s commitment to empowering the youth and harnessing local talent, helping individuals realize their dreams by providing expert counsel in immigration and employment in the land of milk and honey.
Salute to PIIE and CSI on their respective endeavors of empowering one’s dream.

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