CSC to host online career fair for job seekers on Sept. 18-22

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), in collaboration with, will hold the Government Online Career Fair (GOCF) from Sept. 18 to 22 for individuals seeking government job opportunities.

Through this event, a virtual platform will be created for government organizations and job seekers to communicate and exchange information about positions available and the necessary qualifications.

Job seekers can also submit their applications and requirements to their selected agency online.

“We are inviting fresh graduates, first-time job seekers, and other interested applicants to participate in this year’s GOCF. Organized as part of the celebration of the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA), this online job fair serves as a perfect venue for civil service eligibles from all over the country to apply for vacant positions in the government,” CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles said.

The CSC strongly encourages applications from interested and qualified Filipino citizens, including persons with disabilities, members of indigenous communities, and those who identify with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions, he added.

The job seeker must have a JobStreet account in order to submit an application.

If a job seeker does not already have an account, they must create one by going to and clicking the “Sign Up Free Now” button on the MyJobStreet page.

Job seekers are advised to complete the Personal Data Sheet (PDS), which can be downloaded from the CSC website, after creating an account and to have it ready for upload during the GOCF week.

By using the specific GOCF link present on the JobStreet website during the actual GOCF Week, job seekers can access details about the participating governmental organizations and the positions they have open.

Candidates need only click the “Apply” button located within the agency’s listing to submit an application.

Following submission, the respective partner agency will conduct an initial assessment and subsequently notify applicants via email or text message of the status of their application and any additional guidelines or requirements.

Nograles reminded job seekers to be mindful of the qualification standards and competencies required for each position, as eligibility is not the sole requirement for an appointment.

“For the past three years, GOCF has provided a fast, accessible, and efficient way to increase the pool of efficient and qualified individuals in the civil service. We are once again looking forward to have new government employees that will be part of the 1.8 million civil servants working toward national development,” he said.