Senate urged to investigate fake celebrity-driven ads

The Senate is urged to investigate alleged fake endorsements that use the names and likeness of some celebrities sans their permission as seen on social media.

Actor and Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada is pushing for this, describing the spread of the same as "alarming" in filing Senate Resolution No. 666.

"These advertisements mislead consumers into believing that these celebrities are using and endorsing food and medicinal products that are actually unregistered before the proper health authorities and not yet approved for mass distribution and public consumption," said the senator.

Jinggoy maintained the modus is a clear violation of the Consumer Act.

"There is an urgent need to protect consumers against the consumption of unregistered and potentially harmful food and health products through the strict enforcement of the provisions of the Consumer Act and regulation of fraudulent advertisements on social media platforms," he said.

The senator is urging fellow lawmakers to review current laws relating the matter including the use of modern technologies to manipulate photos and videos.

Note that only last April, Kris Aquino complained about the use of her name and image relating an alleged "miracle food."

Last March, the daughters of Caridad Sanchez and Gloria Romero bewailed the use of their mother’s images in infomercials that had them praising the benefits of what was purported as an “essential oil” meant to restore mental sharpness among older individuals.