Lea Salonga reminds fans against crossing important boundaries

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  • "Just a reminder…I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Thank you," tweeted Salonga on July 17.

Lea Salonga (Facebook)

Broadway star Lea Salonga took to social media to issue a heartfelt reminder to her fans regarding the importance of respecting personal boundaries. She shared an incident that occurred in New York City, where some fans invaded her dressing room recently.

"Just a reminder…I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Thank you," tweeted Salonga on July 17.

A viral video showed Salonga surprised when she noticed some Filipino fans waiting outside her dressing room, eagerly requesting pictures.

Salonga, 52, didn't seem to like what happened because the fans suddenly went to the dressing room without permission. Even so, Salonga still granted the request of Pinoy fans to take pictures.

Actress Giselle Tongi also denied that she knew some of the fans who rushed to Salonga's dressing room.

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In the Broadway play "Here Lies Love," Salonga plays Aurora, Ninoy Aquino's mother. She is also a co-producer of the show.

"My husband constantly reminds me, you have fans, you should be grateful and feel blessed that you have them. And then I do. And I truly do. But when personal space and boundaries are violated, how am I supposed to react?" said Salonga in an interview.

She added: "I understand if you're going to have a breakdown or if you're going to ask me for a hug. I am not always giving love because you're a stranger. I don't know what your intentions are. Malay ko may kutsilyo palang nakahawak at baka saksakin mo ako kapag niyakap mo ako?

"I think that paranoia is in the minds of a lot of artists. And there are people who once they hear me say, 'I would never do that to you?' But there might be some crazy people out there with crazy intentions. And I don't know if it's you or could be somebody else. But we also have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe. It sounds heavy and brave, but just think of people like John Lennon, and we've just lost him prematurely because there was some fan who took it upon himself to take him away from the world."

Salonga said that this is the mindset of many folks in the industry. "If you get it, that’s good. If you don’t, then I have no good words for you."

In May, Salonga revealed that she was trained by her mother not to accept food from strangers.

"This is one of the things my mother trained me to do: NEVER ACCEPT FOOD FROM STRANGERS. Even if the giver’s meaning is well-intentioned, there are those out there whose intentions are to harm or even to kill," she said.

Salonga recalled that BTS member Jung Kook has already posted on Weverse for people to stop sending him food deliveries, and if it happens again, he’ll take legal action. "Does it really need to get that far?"

The Filipino star also got pissed off when she learned that some fans went live when it was her turn to perform during the preview of "Here Lies Love" recently. But the fans have deleted it.

"Here Lies Love" will debut on Broadway on July 20.

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