Deep Observability Market Leader Gigamon Offers Holistic Visibility, Empowers Safer, More Proactive Cloud Systems

The ever-continuing digital transformation is prompting companies and organizations across industries to reinvent or update their business models with the latest technologies such as AI and cloud. Cloud adoption continues to pick up pace, and the switch by many enterprises to remote work further spurs the momentum.

While this trend enables companies to achieve greater flexibility and scalability in terms of operations and services, it is not without risks. Security attacks are evolving at a much faster speed, highlighting the crucial need for more adaptable, scalable and proactive technologies to monitor and foil such threats from causing damage.

During a recent media roundtable, Gigamon, global leader in deep observability, takes a closer look at the digital landscape, specifically challenges arising from turning to cloud. With cyber threats growing in both number and severity, Bassam Khan, Gigamon vice president of products and technical marketing, notes the value in further boosting network intelligence and security.

Cloud security is increasingly becoming a global concern. With a rising number of companies adopting hybrid and multiple cloud deployments, even working with several providers, the risks become even greater. As more workloads migrate to the cloud, rather multiple clouds, including private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud, cyber attackers have more windows for attack due to blind spots that come with a more complex digital architecture.

This is where Gigamon comes in. Gigamon, which has established a firm foothold in the banking, mobile network and healthcare industries and has presence in 83 of the Fortune 100 companies, delivers deep observability that gives companies critical information on their hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructures to enable them to eliminate previously unseen threats. This deep observability technology, launched in 2021 and initially called Hawk, can guide how companies manage their hybrid cloud networks as network-based visibility enhances the monitoring capability and helps effectively prevent security attacks by enabling access to actionable intelligence and insights. With these, deep observability delivers ease in managing a complex digital infrastructure while achieving a whole new level of efficiency.

“Deep observability works as an X-ray vision that lets companies – IT, security and even Development Operations teams – be one step ahead of any risks and threats that scammers and cyberhackers plan to bring. This revolutionary innovation will empower companies, in particular those handling big and sensitive data, to proactively manage their hybrid cloud operations without complex processes nor unnecessary added costs,” Khan says

More than the visibility and insights, Khan stated that deep observability brings democracy in terms of detecting possible risks. The technology enables team members outside of a company’s security team to detect potential threats and address them immediately. “Log files, for example, alert the user when someone might be trying to illegally access files or system. With Gigamon’s deep observability, we not only confirm that yes, an outsider is trying to access the system but we also tell you who the attacker is and how they got the access to carry out the attack. This then gives the company enough information to follow through with the proper action to stop the attack and fix any future occurrences,” explains Khan.

Telemetry, which automatically collects and transmits data from remote sources, is also made safer and more powerful with Gigamon’s deep observability tool. Using a metaphor, Khan described their solution as turning on the headlights in the middle of a dark road while also having the GPS turned on: Besides having visibility on what data is getting moved and where, the user gets other types of information such as network traffic for better analytics and security. Overall, more data is made available to the customers.

“Gigamon’s fundamental mission is to enable our customers who are heading to the cloud or are already on the cloud to do it safely, effectively and with as much network-based visibility as possible. We support and empower their digital transformation journey by eliminating blind spots and providing as much access and insights. We will continue to develop cutting-edge technologies to enable them to keep up new innovations and protect themselves from threats and potential risks,” shared Khan.

In the Philippines, where digital transformation has been in full swing and migrating to the cloud and other digital management systems continues to be a top choice for business continuity and sustainability, deep observability brings new insights and possibilities not possible before. As threats become more intelligent and rampant, a proactive approach to securing the digital infrastructure is crucial to remain relevant in the dynamic digital landscape.