Cyclist-friendly innovations in Makati highlighted in World Bicycle Day

In celebration of the World Bicycle Day on Saturday, June 3, Truelogic, a digital marketing agency based in Ayala Avenue, Makati, highlighted the importance of cyclist-friendly initiatives and programs created in the city aimed at promoting a healthy cycling community and environment amid the changing society.

In April 2018, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day. The resolution for World Bicycle Day recognizes "the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries, and that it is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transport."

Truelogic's Ibarra Villaseran, a digital marketing executive and an avid cyclist in the city, underscored the significance of bike lanes and bike parking facilities launched in Makati's business district in ensuring the safety and convenience of employees who choose to bike to work especially during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic where most commuters transitioned to cycling as their mode of transportation when public vehicles were temporarily restricted as part of the minimum public health standards mandated by the national government.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Villaseran said that Makati City has taken a commendable step towards maintaining and enhancing the protected bike lanes along Ayala Avenue, setting a remarkable example for other cities to follow.

"When you mention a business district, Makati stands out. What is accomplished along Ayala Avenue often serves as a benchmark for other cities. This is why I am sincerely thankful to (ALI, Makati Business Club) for taking the lead and setting an example for the entire country to emulate," Ibarra said.

Being a cyclist who understands the vital role that bike lanes play in ensuring the safety of employees who choose to bike to work, Ibarra acknowledged the current challenges faced by bike commuters as he emphasized the need to envision a better future for the next generation.

"I am constantly inspired by the grit of construction workers, security guards, delivery people, and food service personnel. They make up the majority of cyclists I encounter on the streets. They endure hardships day in and day out. Implementing bike lanes will undoubtedly improve their lives. It is the least we can do to say 'Thank You' for showing us the way," he stressed.

Biking offers numerous benefits, including improved physical health, enhanced mental well-being, and reduced traffic congestion.

The protected bike lanes along Ayala Avenue also contribute to a safer and more accessible bike commuting experience, ensuring the well-being of employees and encouraging more individuals to embrace this sustainable mode of transportation.

Free Bike Parking for Employees in Ayala

In partnership with 6788 Makati Skyline Plaza, Truelogic has launched a bike parking program to provide safe and convenient bike parking options for employees in the area.

The initiative demonstrates Villaseran's commitment to fostering a thriving community amid the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

One of the fruits of this partnership is the creation of secured bike parking facilities within the building premises.

The initiative has helped improve the bike commuting experience for the building's employees and tenants.

Truelogic's Bike to Work Campaign also drew inspiration from Project Marlin, a cycling endeavor undertaken by Villaseran that aimed to inspire individuals by breaking barriers and encouraging a shift in mindset towards bike commuting.

"Admittedly, this initiative was a response to the pandemic. Towards the end of 2021, I shared with the team my desire to move beyond mere survival and focus on thriving in 2022. We embraced the term 'Better Norm,' signifying progress in our personal lives and at work. To give it concrete meaning, we turned to bicycles, specifically Bike to Work. And what better place to start than from the top," said Ibarra.

The executive said that he continues to advocate for bike-friendly innovations in Makati's business district, noting the importance of bike lanes, bike parking facilities, and the promotion of bike commuting.

Additionally, the company continues to call for support from individuals and communities nationwide to champion bike-friendly initiatives, engage in dialogue with local authorities, and advocate for the development of protected bike lanes and safe bike parking options.

“By embracing biking as a mode of transportation, we can collectively positively impact our health, environment, and overall well-being,” Ibarra noted.

Meanwhile, in celebration of Makati City's 353rd Founding Anniversary, the Department of Environmental Services Parks and Green Division (District 1) will be holding the 8th Makati Bike for M.E. (Mother Earth) on June 10, Saturday at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle as part of its efforts in promoting cycling in the city and environmental awareness.

Makati City Mayor Abby Binay urged the public to participate in the said event which will start at 5 a.m.

Each participant must only bring one pet bottle as their registration for the event. Free vegetable seeds will also be given in exchange for 10 pieces of 350ml or 500ml pet bottles.