Green commuting with e-bikes and scooters

Electric bicycles and scooters are becoming a more practical way to get around. We test out these two modes to see how it can change the daily commute.

Driving around bicycles and PMDs

Where there aren't bicycle lanes, it’s important to learn how to drive alongside bicycles, electric kick-scooters and other vehicles like hoverboards, Segways, and One-wheels. Having the larger vehicles, it's part of our responsibility to ensure we offer them as much courtesy as we do pedestrians, and our fellow motorists on four wheels.

Your guide to bicycle lane markings and colors

Bike lanes are popping up all over the country, marked out by lines and sometimes patches of color to guide active transport users and motorists. But what do these markings mean? We explain it all here.

Cyclist-friendly innovations in Makati highlighted in World Bicycle Day

In celebration of World Bicycle Day on Saturday, June 3, Truelogic, a digital marketing agency based in Ayala Avenue, Makati, highlighted the importance of cyclist-friendly initiatives and programs created in the city aimed at promoting a healthy cycling community and environment amid the changing society.