Dining at H&T Wine Gallery is like stepping into the world of a Wes Anderson film

Just as eccentric and the wine selection is definitely superb.

If you're obsessed with scrolling through clips on Tiktok like us, you may have noticed an emerging trend on how cinematic style is infiltrating user's everyday life—particularly Wes Anderson's. The American filmmaker has produced numerous critically-acclaimed films such as "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001), "Moonrise Kingdom" (2012), and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014), among others. They are loved by film buffs not just for their narrative but also for the filmmaker's unique visual style—his symmetrical framing, color saturation, and his production design. As we live in a digital era where aesthetics plays a key role, who would want to live in a Wes Anderson world? And if you want to fulfill that fantasy, there is a new spot in Quezon City that offers an eccentric interior design with a great dining experience to match. 

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Inside H&T Wine Gallery

This month, fashion designer Happy Andrada-Gras and her partner Tanguy Gras, former Sofitel and MGallery food and beverage executive, officially welcome everyone to H&T Wine Gallery, a gourmet deli and wine bar set on the first level below Happy’s atelier. The food spot combines the couple’s worlds, merging food and fashion and Filipino and French styles.

“We began H&T as an online shop at the start of the pandemic and with great success,” says Tanguy Gras, co-founder and general manager, whom you will see clad in a long waiter’s vest and a funky mustache-shaped bowtie. “This has become a personal project for both of us, and we were very happy with how the business was received. Now, Happy and I are delighted to launch a brick-and-mortar space for everyone to enjoy our selections in-house.” 

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Tanguy Gras and Happy Andrada-Gras

Think of it as a bar with personality. H&T Wine Gallery is far from a typical bar and retail store. Its space is imbued with the owners’ quirky imaginations. From retro color palettes and neon signage to Funko Pops display and restroom with disco lights, entering the hole-in-the-wall is an experience on its own.

“We designed H&T as a gallery where each part of the space is unique,” Happy Andrada-Gras, co-founder and president, muses. "As a whole, H&T Wine Gallery gives you a tight and at-home feeling. This is a place where friends and family can enjoy their favorite wine and deli items after meals in a neighborhood that is not so busy. You can also reserve the space for private events.”

With Tanguy's vast experience in the hospitality industry, diners can expect nothing but great eats and sips from the wine bar. The deli’s Old World red wine selections feature Bordeaux and Burgundy wines and Rhone Valley labels, among others, a nod to his French heritage. It also offers a taste of Italian Spanish wine. There's also a special area for Malbec made in the Old World. On the other hand, the white wine shelf is equally impressive with its premier selection from Bordeaux and Burgundy, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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H&T Wine selection

The New World red and white wine selections include many representative varieties from key countries of origin, including Carmenere from Chile, Riesling from Columbia Valley (U.S.), Shiraz and Chenin Blanc from South Africa, and Cabernet Sauvignon from California and Australia, among others.

Among the sparkling wine selections is Champagne Pol Roger, a personal favorite of Second World War hero Winston Churchill, and Cava from Spain. A fine list of rosés from Provence, Bordeaux, and Southwestern France is available, too.

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H&T Wine Gallery Deli meat selection

Apart from the spirits and liquors, guests can also pair their bottles with items from H&T Wine Gallery's menu. It includes a selection of charcuterie, sandwiches, cheese, hot tapas, and sweets, and guests wanting a taste of the best deli items can order any of the samplers available.

Every bottle and food item has been personally selected by Tanguy and Happy to be part of H&T Wine Gallery, and true to H&T Wine Gallery’s promise of personal service, and chances are high you would be welcomed by Tanguy or Happy themselves.

H&T Wine Gallery, located at 24 K-D corner K-1st Kamuning, Quezon City, is open from 11 am to 7 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and until 9:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays (Closed on Sundays). Book a table or schedule a private event through 09171752779 or [email protected]. Deliveries are also available in Metro Manila. To know more, visit @ht_winegallery on Instagram.

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