Sen. Grace Poe, Tourism Sec. Christina Frasco lead empowered Filipina campaign of Kultura

This season, the proudly Filipino store celebrates every Filipina

Sen. Grace Poe and Tourism Sec. Christina Frasco for Kultura Filipino
CELEBRATING EVERY FILIPINA Sen. Grace Poe and Tourism Sec. Christina Frasco (Photo courtesy of Kultura Filipino)

Kultura’s #CelebrateEveryFilipina series features a diverse range of amazing women who embody what it means to be an empowered Filipina in today’s society.

With this, it takes this opportunity to honor all the women that nurture and care for us and are the light of our homes; the soul sisters who have our backs and lift us up; the women artisans behind our handicrafts and local industries; and all the women whose wisdom, grace, and strength are the backbone of our communities.

Smart, passionate, courageous, beautiful, and strong, these women are gorgeous proof that we can achieve anything we put our mind to. More importantly, we can do all these things in style.

Kultura Filipino's #CelebrateEveryFilipina
Ana de Ocampo, Jasmine Alkhaldi, Felicia Hung Atienza, Patricia Gatus

The list includes women in public service like Senator Grace Poe and Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco; as well like women in business like restauranteur Ana de Ocampo. With more and more Filipinas embracing fitness, also highlighted are Olympic swimmer Jasmine Alkhaldi, volleyball player Michelle Cobb, and fitness coach Patricia Gatus.

Kultura also celebrates women with meaningful advocacies: educator and Philippine Eagle advocate Felicia Hung Atienza and mental health advocate Steph Naval. Broadcast journalist MJ Marfori and beauty queen Laura Lehmann also bring their talent and good looks to the list.

From March until May, Kultura will be featuring one Filipina a week on its social media pages. Wearing fabulous modern Filipiniana, they will be sharing their thoughts, tips, and personal experiences—not just on being an empowered woman, but on uplifting other women as well.
Kultura Filipino's #CelebrateEveryFilipina

Michelle Cobb, MJ Marfori, Steph Naval, Laura Lehmann

As Senator Grace Poe shares, “An empowered Filipina is someone who is confident, who can stand up for herself, but an even stronger Filipina is somebody who can stand up for everybody else.”

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