Hacking suspect shot dead in Batangas

PADRE GARCIA, Batangas – Police killed a man who allegedly hacked a resident of Sitio Bauan, Barangay Quilo-quilo, here, on Sunday, March 26.

The Padre Garcia Municipal Police Station received a call from Teodoro Fortus claiming that his son Joshua was hacked several times by an unidentified man armed with a bladed weapon  in Sitio Ibaba, Barangay Bukal. The victim was taken to the hospital.

A concerned citizen informed police that the suspect was in Sitio Bauan, Barangay Quilo-quilo South.

Police and barangay force multipliers located the suspect armed with a bolo.

They urged the suspect to surrender but he ignored them. The suspect tried to attack them with the bolo, prompting lawmen to shoot him.

The suspect sustained bullet wounds and was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead.