7 out of 10 Filipino Catholics pray at least once daily — survey


A national survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed that seven out of every 10 Filipino Catholics pray at least once a day.

The results of the Dec. 10-14, 2022 survey that were released on Tuesday, Feb. 21 found that 69 percent of Filipino Catholics pray at least once daily—with 35 percent saying they pray several times a day and 34 percent saying they pray once a day.

For this survey, SWS asked adult respondents: “Gaano kadalas kayong nagdadasal? (Hindi kailanman, Hindi man minsan sa isang taon, 1-2 beses sa isang taon, Ilang beses sa isang taon, Minsan sa isang buwan, 2-3 beses sa isang buwan, Halos linggo-linggo, Linggo-linggo, Ilang beses sa isang linggo, Minsan sa isang araw, Ilang beses sa isang araw).”

(About how often do you pray? Never, less than once a year, about one to two times a year, several times a year, about once a month, two to three times a month, nearly every week, every week, several times a week, once a day, several times a day).

Ten percent of Filipino Catholics said they pray “several times a week,” 6 percent said “every week,” 4 percent said “two to three times a month,” 4 percent said “about once a month,” and 2 percent said “nearly every week.”

Three percent said they pray occasionally, consisting of 1 percent saying “several times a year,” 1 percent “about one to two times a year,” and 1 percent “less than once a year.”

Only one percent said they never pray.