Filipinos can now use GCash with international SIM cards

GCash Overseas

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) approves the beta launch of GCash Overseas. This allows Filipinos in Japan, Australia, and Italy to sign up for GCash even without a Philippine SIM. Now, the Philippines' leading finance app is the first and only e-wallet that can be used abroad with international SIM cards.

Under the beta launch, only the first 1,000 users from Japan, Australia, and Italy can access GCash with an international SIM card. Once they’re fully verified, Filipinos overseas regardless of their SIM card can begin signing up for GCash and support their families back home by sending money for free (GCash-to-GCash), paying for bills on time, and instantly buying them load credits with just a few taps on the app. Expect the full launch later this year.

GCash's partnership with Alipay+ has allowed them to double down on its international expansion. In addition to GCash Overseas, GCash can now be used to pay in select merchants across countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Qatar as well as top European destinations like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.

“We continue to make a difference in Filipinos' lives by making financial services easier and more accessible to our now 76 million-strong registered users. With around 10 million Filipinos living abroad, we want them to also be able to take advantage of GCash services even as they use international SIMs. As more people put their trust in GCash, we strive to remove more barriers and create a better experience for all,” said Martha Sazon, GCash president and CEO.

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