THRILLMAKER: Energy FM turns 25

At a glance

  • As Energy FM celebrates its 25th year, each program and talent broadcast the station’s commitment to setting the bar of exceptional Philippine radio. Radio silence remains a distant impossibility.

Papa Jackson and Gandang Kara

Once upon a time in my life as a broadcaster (that was in the early 2000s), I also got to play listeners’ song requests, giveaway prizes on the airwaves, and keep them awake while they drove their vehicles on the road.  I found myself being an FM radio jock or a disc jockey (DJ, as most people from my generation would call the job).  I’d say it was a lot of fun!  Next to being on television, that’s probably the closest thing to being a “celebrity” that I chose to pursue for myself as a career.  And why not? DJs also have their own fans and supporters! As time flew fast, and I eventually chose television as my new playing field, I hardly felt that the station that gave me my first big break on radio had already reached a shining milestone.

Energy FM, the powerhouse of broadcasting, turns 25 this October. For a quarter of a century, it has been redefining what it means to be among the leading radio stations in the Philippines. 

Let me tell you a bit about Energy FM’s colorful story. 

Rebecca Ann Sy, Chairwoman, Ultrasonic Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (Energy FM)

Connecting Nationwide

What began as a simple regional program transformed into the heartbeat of the nation through the leadership and vision of United Broadcasting Systems Inc. (UBSI) Chairwoman, Rebecca Ann Sy. A real life wonder woman, she is a force to be reckoned with, and made waves with Energy FM - 91.5 back in 2011 - and in just under a decade, expanded network operations beyond the borders of Metro Manila to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

‘Wag mo sabihing radyo, sabihin mo Energy’ became the station’s nationwide anthem as more and more Filipinos tuned in. Weekdays in the early 2000s were overflowing with endless entertainment from Energy FM’s legendary radio jockeys - from Mr. Fu with his showbiz musings to Cathy G and her top-rated love talk program Energy Lovelines. While the best and latest music hits accompanied plenty of weekend road trips and Sunday drives. As radios were staple in every Filipino household, so was 91.5 Energy FM. 

Testament to its popularity and reach, the station bagged several KBP Golden Awards in the People’s Choice category across Manila, Cebu, and Naga. 

Already one of Manila’s highest-rated and multi-awarded radio stations, Energy FM charged up for more. The dynamo platform entered the new decade with Sy fully at the helm of 106.7 Energy FM. Her industry expertise placed the station on the map of the ever-growing digital landscape and in the frequency of modern listeners. 

During the rise of the Hallyu Wave, 106.7 Energy FM pioneered the introduction of K-pop to the Philippines. Its segment “KPOP Sarap” paved the way for the spread and appreciation of multicultural music, essentially forging the passionate fan cultures known today. 

The Energy FM DJs’ booth

In its dedication to continuous innovation and quality entertainment, 106.7 Energy FM recently bagged the top accolades in the country and across the Asia-Pacific, namely, Most Outstanding & Trusted FM Station in the 2022 Asia’s Golden Icon Awards; Most Outstanding FM Station in the 2022 Asian Sterling Awards; Best FM Radio Station in the 33rd Asia Pacific Excellence Awards Thailand; and Global Iconic Radio Broadcasting Station of the Year from Global Iconic Aces, among many other recognitions. 

Energy FM broadcasts 14 regions across the Philippines, reaching millions of Filipinos everyday. 

The Thrillmaker as an Energy FM Dj

Para Kay Pangga

For 25 years, Energy FM has stood out with its impressive roster of engaging personalities beloved by many listeners. 

A well-established DJ in the radio industry, Papa Jackson joins Energy FM with his signature charm and relatability. He quickly makes a deep audience impact in his main show “Hello STG (Sorry, Thank You, Goodbye).” His skills and passion eventually brought him the position of station manager - as John Gemperle, shaping the success of the station beyond the mic.

Gandang Kara enters the airwaves, bringing in a new perspective and her online following. Her vibrant approach and unique insights shine in “Sincerely, Kara” and “KarJack” - her shared program with Papa Jackson, winning the hearts of listeners everywhere. 

Along with fresh voices are trailblazers in the booths of Energy FM. In a show that explores deep secrets and heartfelt letters, Lindsay creates a safe space during “Lihim ng Liham” through her soothing voice, compelling storytelling, and genuine empathy. While “Anong Drama Mo” excels in stirring up laughter amid valuable life lessons, all thanks to the charismatic duo of DJs Sheena and Jimbo.  

As Energy FM celebrates its 25th year, each program and talent broadcast the station’s commitment to setting the bar of exceptional Philippine radio. Radio silence remains a distant impossibility.