Galeria Paloma's debut participation at Art Fair Philippines 2023

An exhibition centered around the theme of emerging parallelisms in physical and digital/new media art

Galeria Paloma recently announced its participation in the 10th Art Fair Philippines on Feb. 17 to 19, 2023 at The Link, Makati City. The exhibition is titled "Parallel," and takes cues from the parallelism of digital and physical aspects of the arts.

According to Galerie Paloma, these similitudes manifest now thru the metaverse mirroring real life, augmented reality (AR) creating altered layers on our naked-eye world and the emergence of "phygital" art, where creativity treads on two or more concurrent mediums.

"The emergence of the metaverse has made self-evident parallels to the physical world," says Kimi Delgado, Galeria Paloma director. "Art has become one of its layers, and we are proud to present a roster of the best artists who have embraced this multi-layered medium in all its complexity."

Apart from these, artificial intelligence (AI) has now entered the scene, with computer programs competing with creators in the arts sphere. The shows will examine and present works that exist on both the digital and physical world—art that layers augmented reality and physical realities in one work, the merge of physical and digital art where artists employ two or more mediums (in both the digital and physical) simultaneously, and the employment of artificial intelligence where the artist uses various applications to create a work of art.

The exhibit will also explore the different parallels that have come to the fore with the emergence of the metaverse and blockchain technology, according to Delgado. 

Notably, "Parallel" will be simultaneously displayed at NINFA Labs in Milan, Italy—another callback to the parallel theme of the exhibit. 

"We are delighted to offer 'Parallel' on NINFA’s gallery and online platform," says Delgado. "This is in line with our goals to align with the best platforms internationally to afford more exposure to the artists we represent, as well as to embrace technological advances allowing for an original work of art to be exhibited in two (or more) locations."

The following artists will be represented by Galeria Paloma at the Art Fair Philippines 2023:

  • Skye Nicolas
  • Luis Buenaventura
  • Bjorn Calleja
  • Jopet Arias
  • Ejem, Aldrine, and Didier Alarcon
  • Carlos
  • Wyn-Lyn Tan
  • Raymond Lauchengco
  • AJ Dimarucot
  • Aswang
  • Sevi Agregado
  • Isaiah Cacnio
  • Sheila Ledesma

Check out some of their works below:

Wyn-Lyn Tan; Still from 'Mirage Sky'
Isaiah Cacnio; 'Portals'
Raymond Lauchengco; 'Atlas'
Sheila Ledesma; 'Beowulf'
Carlos; 'The Colors of Music'
Skye Nicolas; 'Don't You Worry About the Situation'

Galeria Paloma’s debut participation at Art Fair Philippines will be held in The Link, Makati on  Feb. 17 to 19, 2023.