AUDIOJUNKIE: ‘New Sarah G x John Roa, Marion Aunor, DENY x JUST HUSH and the return of Billy Crawford

Composite photo official single art, top left to right: 'Alam' by Sarah G x John Roa, 'Alam Ko Na' by DENY x Just Hush feat. Third Flo, 'Love Is In The Air' by Billy Crawford. Below, left to right: 'Sige Padayon' by John Roa, 'Ganito Pala' by Marion Aunor, 'Scarlett' by Marielle Belleza

Top notch pairings, ace songwriters in flow and the return of Billy Crawford to form.

Sarah Geronimo is in the zone! Of the music releasing kind that is as the multi-hyphenate drops a brand-new song and this time the Popstar Royalty collaborates with John Roa in an original tune called “Alam.” This track, written by Jin Chan (of “Dati Dati” fame) and Ex-Battalion’s John Roa, is an upbeat and vibing dance record that finds Sarah Geronimo trading verses with J-Roa. “Alam” is the follow up to Sarah’s “Sansinukob, Salamat” and the previous that, the TikTok-trending dance track “Dati-Dati.”

Speaking of John Roa, the Pinoy Hip-hop and R&B star turns for a pop-sounding new song on his new release titled “Sige Padayon.” John Roa’s song about standing strong and going along with life’s ebb and flow is matched by the music’s vibe of surging positivity that urges its listeners on.

Ace songwriter Marion Aunor returns with an infectious new tune titled “Ganito Pala.” Here she sings about the sure and steady way about how one inevitably falls head over heels in love. This electro pop flavored song is catchy in a lot of ways. Foremost is how Marion builds it up sonically. The singer-keyboardist is heavy into synth-keyboard sounds that borrow from retro wave and pop, which is to say that her sound is just so 2023. Her lyrics, which revolve mainly on the hook “ganito pala ang kiligin,” not only are easy to relate to but equally catchy. Marion Aunor releases her latest single under her Wild Dream Records label.

Rising R&B singer DENY returns with a much-awaited new song titled “Alam Ko Na.” Slow, serene and with a hitting groove, “Alam Ko Na” pairs DENY with top rated R&B music act Just Hush as they sing a righteous R&B-tinged love song about how some feelings require no words to be felt. They certainly put that vibe across on this sexy and smooth bop. Also featured here is Third Flo who supplies an extra rap verse.

Pop rock band Feel Day gets a reboot on their pop rock flavored ballad “Nandito Pa” as it's used as the main song on the Bela Padilla-Marco Gumabao movie “Spellbound.” Songwriter and vocalist Jek Buenafe sings compellingly and tugs at the heartstrings as he waxes about losing a love and yet desperately holds on to keep it.

Acoustic guitar-toting, piano-playing singer-songwriter Marielle Belleza is lovestruck on “Scarlet.” This piano-decked love song features some of Marielle's best attributes as a music act: her multi-instrumental skills (that’s her on piano), heartfelt writing, and that dulcet-toned voice. Marielle also happens to be a varsity volleyball player which leaves us wondering, what else can she do?

Schumi is all about the vibes on the lo-fi tinged song “Zero Words.” Schumi mixes R&B vibes with a Latin-esque beat and the result is a relaxing and vibey track that’s right for chillin.’

One of the biggest acts to drop track this week is Billy Crawford. Fresh off his magnificent showing and eventual win at Dancing With The Stars in France, Billy Crawford returns to excellent form with the exciting “Love is In The Air.” As if inspired by his acing the DWTS competition, Crawford conjures the sound and form of early to mid 2k Billy Crawford who was a hit music act in Europe and manages to coax out of himself (and his co-writers) a Top 40 ready track in the key of hopeful and positive in this upbeat and great sounding new track. Can you also smell that? Looks like Billy Crawford is back for real.