Discover the art of coffee brewing and the best local coffee beans at this café

Here's why coffee lovers must visit Good Cup Coffee Co on their next Cebu trip

If you ask anyone what a perfect morning is for them, chances are that most of the responses include a cup of coffee. For years, coffee has been part of our everyday routine, waking up our senses to help us go through another day of work. Filipinos love it so much that coffee is now not just a drink you have in the morning but during any time of the day. But have you ever wondered what goes into your coffee? If you’re like other caffeine addicts who are curious and want to learn more about the art of coffee brewing, there’s a café in Cebu that not only serve the best cups made of local coffee beans but also offers a coffee 101 for homebrewers.

Led by founder, Philippine Brewers Cup Championship 2020 winner Gio Visitacion, Good Cup Coffee Co found a way to thrive during the pandemic by educating its patrons about the inner makings of coffee. The mindset of coffee drinking as an experience played a role in the company’s survival in these difficult times. As the coffee company kept roasting and preparing coffee packages during the height of community quarantine, they also continued their brewing sessions virtually.

Good Cup Coffee Co café facade

This time, Good Cup Coffee Co is inviting everyone to experience its drinks, elevated service, and coffee sessions live as it unveils its refurbished store. Its café is what every coffee lover wants—warm ambiance, minimalist style, and loads of room for creativity. It features a glass exterior inviting everyone to come in and have a taste of its brews. You know you’re in for a truly Cebuano coffee adventure upon seeing the coffee bean-shaped doorknob with the map of the province etched on it.

Its menu displays the variety of drinks one can order, from the ones with chocolatey and fruity flavor profiles to signature coffee beverages with the addition of soft-serve coffee ice cream and delectable pastries. Limited-edition Philippines coffees such as coffees from the Finca De Garces Farm in Bukidnon and beans from the award-winning farmer Marites Arellano are served in the café.

Inside the café and its signature coffee beverages with the addition of soft-serve coffee ice cream

A closer look into the café gives a view of their bar, stairs leading to the second floor, and roastery. The bar is divided into two: a spacious area for the usual espresso-based drinks and a more intimate brewing nook for pour-over coffee. Seats are provided by the brew bar to give customers a view of their drinks being made, and the space is also conveniently designed so that the barista can converse with them about the coffee specifics. The brew bar is where the magic happens—a truly memorable experience where the baristas take the customers on a sensory journey through a cup. When visiting this specialty coffee café, it’s recommended to try some of their pour-over selections to enjoy the best that Good Cup Coffee can offer in a brew.

Beside the bar stands a Probat coffee roaster inside their glass-enclosed roastery, where they roast their in-house coffee beans including the ones they serve at the bar.

Since coffee beans are the bread and butter of this business, bags of its freshly-roasted coffee are showcased around the counter. Customers can purchase a bag and get a free cup of coffee to enjoy on the side.

A more spacious dining area is also available on the second floor of the café, where the Good Cup Academy and office are also located. It is where they host a wide range of courses to choose from. First is the basic Coffee 101 for starting homebrewers. The other is the intensive advanced brewing classes for baristas and future café owners, part of its Coffee by Good Cup program where they partner with up-and-coming cafés and offer business branding services and barista training.

Good Cup Coffee Co's bar area and second floor space

When not used for classes, their academy facility also doubles as their public cupping area where they invite people to taste new coffees that would soon grace their shelves. Good Cup Academy has trained more than 100 students and 80 percent of these students have opened and operated their personal local coffee brands.

Five years into the business, Good Cup Coffee Co remains consistent in delivering great coffee experiences to their customers with every bag of beans sold and every cup of coffee brewed. With a growing global customer base of Good Cup’s freshly roasted coffee beans from the USA, Canada, UAE, and even Japan, the brand is becoming an instrument in showcasing to the global drinking market that the Philippines can produce higher quality coffee.

Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or want to dive deep into the basics of brewing, Good Cup Coffee Co offers coffee beyond the cup and invites you on a sensory-filled journey that’ll elevate your morning brew.

To know more about Good Cup Coffee Co, visit @thegoodcupcoffeeco on Instagram.

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