Kai Buizon drops ode to fellow romantics

Singer-composer Kai Buizon just released her debut single “The Meadow” under Sony Music Entertainment.

The folk-pop flavored song brings to mind a picturesque view of the countryside as Kai’s soothing vocals conjure images of summer, nostalgia, romance.

According to Kai, “The Meadow” is a musical peek into her childhood as filtered through an indie pop lens.

The young singer also adds that she and producers Tim Marquez and Gabba Santiago were aiming for a homey feel from the start. The trio mixed acoustic sounds with electronic elements that lent the song “a dreamy, magical aspect.”

Written by Kai, “The Meadow” is about the “hesitations, uncertainties, insecurities, and the what-ifs that brew before completely giving into romantic confession.”

“I imagine a lot of people tend to feel afraid, or at the very least, hesitant, when it comes to approaching the unfamiliar, such as falling in love for the first time,” said Buizon, adding, “anyways, long story short, I called that mental space a meadow. And as my fellow romantics may already be familiar with, the meadow is also a prevalent symbol in classic literature of a place where lovers meet. So, basically, I wrote ‘The Meadow’ to encapsulate this whirlwind of feelings that comes before revealing that you’re actually in love with the other person.”

“The Meadow” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide.