Advincula offers prayers for 'Karding' victims

Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula has offered prayers for super typhoon “Karding” victims.

Cardinal Jose Advincula (Ali Vicoy/MB)

"We offer prayers for those affected, hurt, died, and suffered loss of livelihood," he said over Radio Veritas, Wednesday, Sept. 28.

"We especially condole to the families, who lost their loved ones," added Advincula.

Meanwhile, Caritas Philippines Director Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo expressed sadness over the death of Narciso Calayag, Jerson Resurecion, Marvy Bartolome, George Agustin, and Troy Justin Agustin, the five rescue workers in San Miguel, Bulacan.

"We are extremely saddened by the tragic death of these rescuers, who risked their lives to assist others in the midst of a catastrophe. We pray for the repose of their souls and extend our condolences to their families," he said.

"They are the epitome of bravery and selflessness. We salute their courage and unwavering dedication to public service," Bagaforo added.