Stay a while in San Pablo and experience what a restful weekend should be

"Are you stressed?" Perhaps that's the question we hear from within ourselves and even from others especially if they see it manifesting from us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

According to a recent report from a Gallup survey, Filipinos are the most stressed workers in Southeast Asia. While stress is a constant part of our lives, the good news is it can be managed. And there are ways on how each one of us can cope with stress. One perfect stress management is through traveling and it need not be outside the country nor does it need to break the bank.

If you’re from the busy cities of the National Capital Region, take a break this weekend. As I've said, you don't have to travel far since San Pablo City, Laguna is just a few hours drive away. San Pablo, I observed, is one of the underrated cities in Laguna in terms of popularity as a tourist destination. This is an advantage as you don't have to endure the crowded and "feel" the place to yourself. This is an oasis for people looking to re-energize themselves.

Walk around the area surrounding Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo, Laguna.

Hidden in San Pablo City is Sulyap Bed and Breakfast Boutique Hotel, a perfect address for a weekend staycation to de-stress and enjoy a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature in a Filipino heritage setting.

Upon reaching the place, guests are greeted by large trees, gardens, and traditional Filipino colonial heritage houses that serve as accommodation.

Enjoy nature, feel the Filipino ambience, savor the 'me' time at the Sulyap Bed and Breakfast.

By just glancing at these heritage houses, guests are already reminded of the relaxing ambience and the simplicity of yesteryears when technology has not yet invaded our lives.

Guest rooms and furniture are mostly a blast from the past, keeping your mind away from the busy life of modern times.

You can enjoy a Filipino breakfast, lunch, and dinner at its restaurant either beside the big Filipino traditional windows adorned with capiz shells or looking at the courtyard garden with big trees, which is quite refreshing and relaxing for the mind while you sip coffee or your favorite hot chocolate.

Stay for the night in one of its clean and simple rooms. Below: Enjoy breakfast with a view of lush greenery.

There are also plenty of gardens within the premises, making you feel one with nature while enjoying your favorite book in a tranquil environment.

After your overnight stay, don't miss Sampaloc Lake, which overlooks Mount Banahaw. From there, you can walk beside the lake and enjoy the fresh air and even try the street food.

Enjoy fresh air at Sampaloc Lake, with a view of Mt. Banahaw.
The author enjoys a much-needed break at Sulyap.

Travel while your feet can, recharge when needed; after all, you work to live and not live to work. Taking care of oneself is never a selfish act. Besides, we cannot take care of others if we don’t know how to take care of ourselves first.