Abra gov proves there's a 'Solid North', assures constituents' votes for Bongbong, Sara

Local officials of Abra province on Wednesday assured the tandem of presidential aspirant Ferdinand ​"​Bongbong​"​ Marcos Jr. and aspiring vice president Sara Duterte of their constituents’ votes to prove that there is a ​"​Solid North.​"​

This came after Gov. Ma. Jocelyn Valero Bernos said her province is in full support for the candidacies of the tandem because Abra is a country of Ilocanos, just like Marcos Jr.

"‘Yun ang the best reason why kami dito sa Abra—actually wala na kaming effort for BBM automatic yan kasi Ilocano country ‘to so automatic kami by heart BBM na kami. Totoo yung solid north (That's the best reason why we no longer have to give efforts in campaigning for Bongbong Marcos because Abra is an Ilocano country. We are for him by heart. Solid North is real)," she said.

The so-called "Solid North" is composed of provinces from the northern part of the country, including Abra where Marcos Jr. campaigned on Wednesday.

Marcos Jr. also campaigned on the same day in nearby Kalinga province, where he missed the presence of Duterte, his campaign partner. He was welcomed by supporters who had been waiting for him as early as 6 a.m.

He said Duterte was not allowed to fly from Davao City due to bad weather conditions in her hometown.

Bernos said that all of the 27 municipal mayors have expressed their support to Marcos Jr., who even before has already been helpful to the province.

She said even during the time Bongbong was not involved in politics, he was always ready to help Abra, and while Sara was from far away Davao, the mayor was also always prepared to send assistance to them.

"He (Marcos) is out to prove that he can leave this country to further progress," Bernos told her constituents during Marcos Jr.'s rally at Abra Sports Complex.

Bernos said she hopes that Marcos Jr. and Duterte's UniTeam will fund the Dugong Bucay bridge project, which her constituents have been hoping for.