Davao City gov't files charges against bar owner for violating COVID-19 health protocols, DQR

Davao City - The Davao City Government will pursue charges against a local bar owner for illegally operating without a business permit and violating the COVID–19 protocols, including applying minimum public health standards and Safe Davao QR (DQR) scanning among its clients.

In a press release from the City Information Office, COVID–19 Task Force spokesperson Dr. Michelle “Ching” Schlosser said that the police personnel had already issued citation tickets against violators when they visited the Supladoz Illustre Restobar last Saturday, Feb. 19.

Schlosser said the establishment had no business permit to operate, did not comply with the minimum public health standards implementation while operating the bar, and did not use the DQR scanning.

“We do not have a record of anyone who entered their establishment. They might not have been scanning the DQR for their clients. Upon initial investigation, that is among the violations that they have committed,” Schlosser said.

She said the City Business Bureau released a cease-and-desist order. The establishment stopped its operation following the order and further investigation by the City Legal Office.

The COVID–19 Task Force had earlier met with the Business Bureau and their enforcement team and other bar and establishment owners here in the city, reminding them of the minimum public health standards.

Schlosser said that any bar and establishment will not receive a safety seal without adhering to the set standards. They will deputize not just the police officers but also the people from the response cluster to ensure everyone will follow the health protocols.