Beware the Krampus

Out on a prowl on Christmas night, horns and claws he’s still lurking about

By Poch Eulalia

Naughty children beware

Of a tale known to scare

In this story we bare

A fright to raise your hair

The story of Krampus

Not too many have shared

For its details, quite pernicious

So much so, none is spared

In the land of the Alps

Where snow covers all scalps

As a way to forewarn

The tale of Krampus was born

The name Krampus, it comes

From the German word krampen

Defined as the claws

Like those of bears when out camping

An assistant to Saint Nick

One would think should be merry

But quite like a large tick

He’s all scary and hairy

Horns that stretch out

From the top of his head

Try to let out a shout

As Krampus fills you with dread

Naughty or nice

That’s what we all know

But with Krampus in sight

Here’s how it will go

On the right of his hand

A birch branch is in tow

Many lashings will land

Any kid that brings woe

On his back is a sack

Not for presents, dear reader

Naughty kids he will pack

Off to hell for its heater

To honor his memory

Comes the big Krampuslauf

Since its birth in the 12th century

It’s a sight goths would love

Parading the streets

Dressed as the hideous Krampus

Youths in goat or sheep skins

Dance around to entice us

In the end, you might think

Why even celebrate the Krampus?

Quite a holiday stink

If it’s dread that he brings us

But perhaps he’s a reminder

Of what’s truly important

To be nice to others

Despite our discordance