John Roa's “Maitim Na Mahika” video trends on YouTube

John Roa’s video for his new song "Maitim Na Mahika" featuring Blaster Silonga and Yuridope is a viral hit, earning more than a quarter million views on YouTube.

It reached the mark less than a week after it was posted.

“Maitim Na Mahika” features Roa in a dark, circus themed video that includes dancing mimes, faceless wraiths that seem to dissolve into black smoke.

There are also notable cameos including rapper Yuridope and former IV of Spades guitarist Blaster Silonga.

Yuridope in rapid-fire rap mode, is spotlighted in the track’s rap break, while Blaster Silonga is seen in his usual flamboyant attire whilst dishing a searing guitar solo.

Blaster is also seen singing a whole stanza’s worth of his hook lyrics at the song’s outro.

Also making appearances are Roa’s Ex-Batallion comrades—Emcee Rhenn, Flow G and King Badger.

“Maitim Na Mahika” is directed by Sean Amador and Roa.

The music is produced by Jin Chan and Don Rios.

The track, released by Viva Records, will be released on all streaming platforms Saturday, November 19.