VIRAL: Netizen shares a photo of her cake with hilarious greeting

“Unang slice, singil agad”

In the past years, we have seen a number of viral stories courtesy of cakes. From Efficascent oil- and Undin-inspired to the trendy Korean-inspired minimalist statement kinds, it is safe to say that everyone got creative, some sarcastic, with what they want their cake to be. But this statement cake probably takes, well, the cake for being the most hilarious.

Facebook user Justine Sarene upload a photo of her cake presenting the prize of the dessert and the account number on where to send the payment, prompting her to say, “Unang slice, singil agad.”

According to her post, she had a craving for a slice of cake and asked her sibling to buy her one and that she will pay later. And in case the receipt is not enough, her sibling made sure that she’ll remember what it cost in every bite by putting the price on the cake itself.

Now, we wonder. Has Justine paid for the cake already?