A mental health platform that meets the needs of every employee’s mental wellbeing

The World Health Organization found that mental illness is prevalent in the Philippines. In fact, it is the third most common disability in the country. During the pandemic, the National Center for Mental Health recorded a 500% increase in monthly hotline calls due to depression.

Mental health issues among the working population are on the rise and it’s severely affecting overall health and productivity. Companies have tried to answer this concern by providing mental health support whether in-house or through a 3rd party provider. However, most options only focus on solutions that cater only to those who are already in crisis. Studies show that because of the lack of access to proper mental health solutions and the stigma around talking about mental health struggles, utilization for mental health benefits remain low.

A Pioneer in Mental Health Tech

Infinit Care harnesses the power of technology to create a mental health platform that meets the needs of each person - however and whenever they need it.  It is the only provider in the Philippines that can provide multi-channel mental health support. Available via web and mobile app (iOS and Android), Infinit Care can meet the varying needs of all employees. Its suite of solutions include 24/7 chat support with real live Care Chat Coaches who commit to an average response time of 5 minutes, a team of qualified licensed counselors and coaches available for virtual counseling or coaching at your convenience, a library of mental health tools and content to meet the varying needs of your workforce, and mental health training and capacity building workshops for the leaders and entire organization.

Infinit Care partners with businesses and organizations to provide their employees and community with comprehensive mental health support. Its platform of care solutions are founded on The Mental Health Continuum which takes into account a wide range of mental health states so that every employee can receive customized support, no matter what they’re going through. Infinit Care delivers the kind of mental health support that builds resilience and increases productivity. 

For more information on Infinit Care, visit https://www.infinitcare.co