NBI to decide relief of cybercrime members after results of probe on ‘illegal operation’

Published June 7, 2022, 11:25 AM

by Jeffrey Damicog

National Bureau of Investigation

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) will decide on the recommended relief of members of the bureau’s Cybercrime Division (CCD) pending results of the probe on an alleged irregular operation.

NBI Deputy Director Ferdinand M. Lavin said that as recommended by Officer-in-Charge Director Eric B. Distor and approved by Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra, Assistant Regional Director Victor V. Lorenzo has been relieved as head of the bureau’s Cybercrime Investigation and Assessment Center (CIAC).

Under investigation by the NBI’s Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is “the service of a warrant to search, seize, and examine computer data in a certain establishment in Manila last May 31 where some alleged irregularities were observed.”

Neither the NBI nor Guevarra gave added details on the alleged irregularities committed by CCD.

Guevarra had given the go signal to Distor to relieve Lorenzo from his post in the CIAC pending result of the probe.

Guevarra explained that this is “standard operating procedure whenever any NBI official or agent is under investigation by the Internal Affairs Division in order to preserve the evidence and preclude any undue influence during the investigation.”

In the case of other CCD officials and member, Lavin said: “We are awaiting the results of the Internal Affairs’ investigation. The relief of other CCD members will depend on the outcome of the investigation.”