WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: The alter boys

Published May 4, 2022, 7:00 AM

by Mr. Fu

Mr. Fu and Morenong Karog

There is a big possibility that almost all Twitter users have encountered the “Alter World” (aminin man nila o hindi!) It is an informal community of adults who use Twitter as a platform for sexual expression or even for sex trade. (ibang level ito!)

The community consists of people with different sexual orientations. (walang makakapigil) I have interviewed some of them in our YouTube Channel, WTFu. But since our show features boys, our alter guests are either straight guys or gays. (makatatanggap pa kaya ako ng CMMA award bilang host?!)

Most of them decided to be in this industry because of monetary considerations. (how much is that doggie in the window?!) They have private subscriptions. They can send a video to a subscriber. It can be a solo video or with a partner. (tinatawag na ka-collab!) The paying subscriber can also request a live video call or even a special meet-up in a private place. (e-explain ko pa kung anong gagawin nila dun?!)

Morenong Karog  and Drogo ng Sapang Bato started their alter accounts last January. (aba, fresh talents!) Morenong Karog claims he is still confused with his sexuality, but he can be with a girl or a boy. (or both?!)  Drogo ng Sapang Bato, on the other hand, considers himself,  gender-fluid.  (basta ako, straight ha. chos!)

Both of them have solo videos and collaborations with fellow alter men. They have also appeared in several videos together. (nakakatense, baka iinvite na rin nila ako maka-collab!)

Drogo ng Sapang Bato

Morenong Karog is 21 years old. He finished an IT Management course but strangers from Facebook encouraged him to be in this business. (ay i-add mo ko bro!)

“May mga nagmessage sakin sa Messenger. Minsan video chat, minsan sinesendan ko ng videos ko.  Tapos nalaman ko yung sa Twitter. Nung nag-upload ako, maraming naging interesado,” Morenong Karog shares. (ay pasendan nga ako videos bro!)

Drogo ng Sapang Bato is 10 years older that Morenong Karog. He used to be a business analyst for a big corporation, but for now, he decided to be a full time alter. (businesss naman din daw ito!)

“Nagsimula ako, babae ang kapartner ko. Tapos nung magtry ako na lalaki ang ka-collab ko, mas maraming ang may gusto, lalo na sa Twitter. Kaya tinuloy tuloy ko na,” Drogo ng Sapang Bato recalls. (sama mo nga ako sa sapang bato bro!)

Both alter boys  have experienced meeting clients personally for the past months. (may special appearance!) But they want to focus now on producing more content. (karera sa alter daw muna! Parang kabayo ganyan!) They have no plans yet when to leave the industry. (wag daw sabi ng mga vakla!) They want to save money for their future. (may mga big reveal pa, watch kayo ng WTFu sa YouTube!)

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