AUDIO JUNKIE: Rob Deniel, Marion Aunor, Because collab group Flow Minister and more cap week of new single releases

An e-card of BIrd, Robe Deniel, Kyla Miel Camerong, Flow Minister, Lo Ki and Marion Aunor

A new batch of song releases worth checking out.

Beginning with Retro pop’s wunderkind Rob Deniel who brings some old-timey styled soul on his new song titled “Kundiman.” As he racks up the singles, the “Ulap” hit singer is surefooted, perfecting his sound. And his attack on “Kundiman” which mixes retro pop and soul-balladry with yearning sentiments is as good a gauge as any of this 18-year-old music act’s continued growth. Not to mention his writing, that’s been improving significantly, as this lyrical ode to love and his muse proves.

In case you missed it, there’s a new rap group called Flow Minister that’s been making the rounds. The group is a team-up of rappers whose sole intention is to deliver the most chill rap songs that they can muster. Enter “Nasamid,” a new track that does not disappoint in the cool department. I mean how can it not be, when you “BMW” hit-rapper Because collaborating with like minded mates Ace Cirera, Larkmester and FTD, who take turns in dropping lines in this mid-tempo ode to everyone’s favorite heavenly herb.

 Marion Aunor returns with the somber sounding new original titled “Safe To Love.” This is the latest single from Marion after her equally vibed single “Kama.” Marion is slowly but surely becoming a sonic conjurer of mood-inducing songs. “Safe To Love” is for those who have been hurt before and wary of loving again. The bitterness comes with a sprinkling of sonic beauty though as heard here in Marion’s latest dramatic rendering.

 Modern rock quartet Bird are tasteful purveyors of indie rock-vibed music. This music act’s new single is called “San Juan.” And the band’s Aaron Isaac Corvera wrote “San Juan” about their favorite surf spot in La Union up north in Luzon. “San Juan” is about “holding onto and fighting for something until it drains your energy out,” Corvera added. Sure enough, the vibecore sounds of “San Juan” bring the listeners to aural ebbs and flow, much like the waves that the songwriter has been riding in their fave surf spot.

 R&B singer and Hiphop artist Lo Ki had gained important ground when his previous single “Kagome” became a fan-fave track. Hopefully he keeps the momentum with a new single titled “Manifest.” This mid-tempo, trap-inflected number is a collaboration song between R&B and Hiphop acts Lo Ki, Glennard Faustine Bonachita, Gyran Mondejar, Myck Mayl Mondejar and Seth Pervera.

“Tukso” from Blacksheep Records music artist Kyla Miel Camerong is a pop song that mixes hints of the Caribbean, latin cha cha and Pinoy Folk. The song revolves around wishing and hoping that relationships will be decent and far from being a hoax. Wishful thinking of course, but the way K.M. Camerong delivers it with relatable scenarios that many, if not all, of us have experienced in one way or another makes this song relatable, memorable and endearing.

The multi-faceted sounds of young music artist Mikee Misalucha makes a return with a new song called “Just Forget.” This particular version, featuring Dallin McKay, is a moody string version of this moody collaboration between Misalucha, McKay and Timothy Run. “It’s about wanting to ease the pain of a break up by trying to erase everything that was once thought to be a life together.” Heartbreaker stuff for sure, and the sonic ambience certainly contributes, This and point of view exchanges as seen each through Mikee and Dallin certainly adds to the heart shattering sentiment. But that rap break near the end? Absolute swagger lift.