‘Turning Japanese’ and The Grand Midori Ortigas

Published April 24, 2022, 3:56 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

The application of Zen, the Japanese philosophy of simplicity and serenity on home interiors and lifestyles, has evolved from just a design trend to an actual way of life. For most of us who have found “joy” in redesigning our homes, the idea of balanced, relaxed, and organized aesthetics has become even more desirable. Good thing, this kind of inspired living comes nicely shelved at The Grand Midori Ortigas.

Developed by Federal Land, Inc. in partnership with the ORIX Corporation of Japan, The Grand Midori Ortigas is the developer’s first foray in Ortigas Center. Federal Land, which celebrates its 50th year of creating innovative and well-built developments that cater to the shifting needs of its clientele, embraced the Japanese Zen philosophy to create an ideal address – a sanctum of mindful inner peace, set within the vibrant and dynamic Ortigas Central Business District.

Artist’s perspective of The Grand Midori Ortigas.

A two-tower high-rise condominium with 900 residential units, The Grand Midori Ortigas showcases timeless and exquisite east Asian design. World-renowned Japanese architectural firm Tange Associates was chosen to become its design consultant and infuse Japanese principles and aesthetics to the project. Working alongside them is GF & Partners Architects to balance the design for the Philippine context.

With its modern Asian-inspired design, it will be no surprise that The Grand Midori Ortigas will be loved by modern city dwellers seeking holistic wellness and relaxing respite from their busy schedules.

All for nature and lush greenery

Midori is a Japanese word that translates to “green,” an expression of how Federal Land intends to bring greenery into the building’s overall design. Homes in Japan are known to have a distinct respect for nature, as often observed in indoor Zen gardens where organic outdoor elements such as plants, water, and rocks are brought in to create a calming atmosphere. Such style and atmosphere was adopted in The Grand Midori Ortigas to promote tranquility, harmony, and balance at any time of the day.

Artist’s perspective of the Zen garden.

Zen amenities for holistic wellness

The list of Japanese-inspired indoor and outdoor amenities is a joy to read through, as it exemplifies how much thought has been put into the construction and design to present the Zen philosophy of the project – all keeping in mind the social, physical, and recreational activities the residents may wish to explore.

Artist’s perspective of the outdoor landscaped area.

The amenity floor of the development hosts an array of well-curated and useful condo features. For friends and family, the lounge area opens up an ideal space for small gatherings and catch-ups, while the multi-purpose room can host larger celebrations with just a quick reservation. Spaces for productivity like the conference room and study lounge are also available for efficient meetings and studying. 

For those into fitness, mindfulness, and wellness practices, the fitness area and yoga room will be the perfect spot to break into a sweat. For the young ones, the children’s playroom and outdoor play area will be the best spaces to develop cognitive skills. Kids and teens will also enjoy the game room where they can spend time with their neighbors and friends from school.

Artist’s perspective of the children’s play area.

Outdoor amenities within The Grand Midori Ortigas were also designed to support active lifestyles. The lap pool can fit into your cardio routine and from there you can easily move to the pool lounge for a more leisurely swim. The outdoor Jacuzzi makes a dip sound so refreshing and the children’s pool and play area will also be there to invite little ones to make a splash.

Artist’s perspective of the Jacuzzi.

And then finally, find your new favorite nook in one of the Zen-inspired gardens, unwind solo, or gather with family and friends.

Minimalist units with benefits

A 5,090-square meter prime property, The Grand Midori Ortigas offers a selection of studio (35 to 38 square meters), one-bedroom (46 to 64 square meters), two-bedroom (70 to 122 square meters), and three-bedroom units (105 to 109 square meters). With its generous unit cuts, residents are afforded with freedom to maximize and customize their own spaces to their liking.

Artist’s perspective of the studio unit.
Artist’s perspective of the one-bedroom unit.

Best of the metro at your (condo’s) doorstep

Japanese design is known for its efficiency. By developing The Grand Midori Ortigas in Exchange Road in Ortigas Center, a highly-accessible location, residents will find so much ease in terms of mobility. The project will be just a stone’s throw from existing and upcoming transportation hubs, the Ortigas Greenway Project, and the proposed Metro Manila Subway System close by.

What’s more, The Grand Midori Ortigas stands within close proximity to the already existing BGC-Ortigas Center Link (Kalayaan Bridge) that allows commuters to travel to and from the two business districts in just 15 minutes.

Urban residents today are often hassled by traffic problems, which result in a loss of productivity and serve as a source of daily stress and frustrations. However, that should not always be the case. Situating homeowners within a perfect location in the metro, The Grand Midori Ortigas gives its residents a more convenient and holistic quality of life through proximity and accessibility. With premier malls, commercial districts, and major roads within a refreshing distance, moving around can now feel like a breeze.

Balanced lifestyle, tranquil atmosphere, well-curated amenities, and spacious residential units, all within one prime and accessible location – it’s nice to know that The Grand Midori Ortigas has kept all our needs and wishes in mind.

For more information about The Grand Midori Ortigas, visit www.federalland.ph, e-mail [email protected], or call (632) 7796-7523.