‘It reveals a lot about who they are’: Robredo spox says Marcos camp on full attack mode despite claims of ‘positive campaigning’

Published April 12, 2022, 9:17 PM

by Raymund Antonio

The spokesman of Vice President Leni Robredo on Tuesday, April 12, fought back against the camp of former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for being on “full attack mode” despite claims of “positive campaigning.”

Atty. Barry Gutierrez (VPLR Media Bureau)

Spokesman Barry Gutierrez hit back at Marcos lawyer Vic Rodriguez for calling out Robredo’s “politics of deception” and “gutter politics.”

“We do not expect sympathy or concern from the Marcos camp; for all their claims of ‘positive campaigning’ they have long demonstrated they have none,” Gutierrez said.

“But it reveals a lot about who they are that barely 24 hours after a crime was committed against VP Leni’s family, here they are, in full attack mode, adding insult upon insult on what is already the most unjust of injuries,” the former lawmaker added.

This came up after Rodriguez responded to Robredo’s accusations that the Marcos camp was behind the fabrication of a fake sex video of the Vice President’s eldest daughter, Aika.

Robredo said she was sure it was Marcos behind the malicious attack against her daughter as she has been subjected to the same since she started gaining survey numbers during the 2016 vice-presidential race.

“Having endured the most toxic forms of online harassment for the better part of six years, we have long been awakened to how the other side really plays this game,” Gutierrez said.

“This latest insult-laden tirade, coming hard on the heels of yesterday’s exceedingly low blow, should make the same truth clear to us all,” he added.

Robredo’s spokesman had condemned the fabrication of a porn video tagging Aika, describing it as “a vicious and utterly tasteless attack.”

This kind of attack “amounts to a crime” under the country’s laws, Gutierrez said.

The Robredo camp is expected to file charges against the people behind the fabrication of the video and the posting of the links on social media.

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