Chef Sau del Rosario whips up plant-based comfort food

We’ve tried it and here’s our verdict

While there are benefits to adopting a plant-based diet, many find it challenging to even consider. Some say vegan meals are just bland, others don’t just know where to find them, and the list goes on. It is tough to change things that you have been used to for your whole life, in this case, removing meat from your diet. But if you still find plant-based meals dull or nowhere to be found, noted Filipino chef Sau del Rosario is here to change your mind.

Chef Sau del Rosario

Recently, the chef behind the famous Café Fleur restaurant presented his spin on plant-based comfort food together with Nestlé Philippines, using products from its plant-based food range Harvest Gourmet. “For more than two decades, I’ve been an advocate for sustainable and organic cuisine. Back in the day, that simply meant buying organic or going local—but nowadays, going ‘green’ can be expressed in so many ways,” he said.

“Most recently, I’ve started experimenting with plant-based food and I’m very excited to share with you my latest discovery,” Chef Sau continued. “If I could describe my eating and cooking experience in one word, it would be sensational.”

The same can be said on what we got, which were Chef Sau’s Adovo Vurger with Pinakevet Okoy and Buffalo Fakfak. As the chef described, these meals perfectly capture his passion for green and organic dining.

Upon opening the meal set, one will definitely salivate over the size of the Adovo Vurger. The quarter-pound plant-based Sensational Burger patty sandwiched between brioche buns alone was delicious. It’s thick and juicy, you can’t even tell it’s vegan. What took it to the next level was the addition of adobo barbecue glaze and onion marmalade, which were sweet and smokey. Bringing it to a home run was the pinakbet veggie fritter with its very Pinoy flavor and lovely texture.

What a good burger need is a generous serving of fries, much better, fried wings. In Chef Sau’s meal set, the burger was matched by the Buffalo Fakfak made of Harvest Gourmet’s Chargrilled Pieces. They're tiny but pack great flavors, and were even tastier when dipped into the calamansi aioli. The perfect ender to this gastronomic experience was a serving of crispy sweet potato chips that had floral notes thanks to the bloom included in its package.

The benefits of plant-based dining go beyond just your body’s wellbeing, as it is also good for the environment. “Switching to plant-based food and beverages is not only beneficial from a health point of view but also helps in the fight against climate change,” said Nestlé Philippines Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki. “As a Kasambuhay for the Environment, accelerating consumption of plant-based alternatives will help us attain our company’s commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, contributing to the aim of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.”

In line with Nestlé’s global commitment to sustainability and its global mandate on responsible sourcing, the brand range uses only the highest-quality plant-based ingredients for its Sensational Burger, Chargrilled Pieces, and Schnitzel. Each is made with non-GMO soy and wheat that promises taste, texture, and a cooking experience as close as possible to that of meat products while offering the full nutritional benefits of plant-based proteins.

Harvest Gourmet products are now available on Nestlé Professional and its e-commerce partners Rare Food Shop and Prime Pacific Foods Corporation.

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