Chris Brown sued for allegedly ‘drugging and raping’ woman

Chris Brown is in hot water.

He is being sued for “allegedly drugging and raping a woman.”

This was reported by Rolling Stone adding that the incident happened on a yacht “docked at Diddy’s Star Island home in Miami Florida.”

According to the complaint, “a professional choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist identified as “Jane Doe” and an unidentified friend were invited to the yacht on Dec. 30 by a male friend, who called Doe while she was visiting Miami.” While said male friend was on the phone with Doe, “Brown grabbed the phone and told Doe that “he had heard about her music and urged her to head over to Diddy’s home on Star Island as soon as possible.”

The suit went on and detailed that when Doe arrived at the Yacht, “Brown offered her a drink in the kitchen, giving her a cup with a mixed drink.” Doe and Brown discussed the former’s music as “Brown offered tips about starting a career in the music industry.” It was here that Brown allegedly “filled Doe’s cup for a second time, after which Doe became ‘disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep.’”

Rolling Stone went on to indicate that “Doe was then led to a corridor into a bedroom, where Brown closed the door and prevented her attempts to leave.” Brown “then undressed and raped her, with Brown ejaculating inside her and announcing that ‘he was done.’” The suit also alleged that the next day, Brown demanded Doe take the emergency contraceptive Plan B.

Doe’s attorneys promised that they would “ensure all parties are held accountable so that we may begin to eradicate this behavior from our society.”

The suit is demanding “$20 million in damages in addition to punitive damages and attorney’s fees.”

Representatives for Chris Brown have yet to respond to the allegations.