Kohi Mkt, a Japanese-inspired café, deserves a stop on your next bike ride

If you're looking for the best kori kohi and Japanese goodies, this is the place to visit

Just imagine, strolling the city by riding a bike and enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee matched with a filling Japanese treat. Now that's a time well spent. And if you're thinking that could only be done in Tokyo, think again as this local coffee shop brings the experience right in the metro.
Kohi Mkt café and its owners Bryan Co and Rayan Moussa
Kohi Mkt, a Japanese-inspired café located in Makati City, has been a sweet spot for urban bikers. A brainchild of Bryan Co and Rayan Moussa, this coffee shop is among the latest entries in the local food enterprises list that found success in selling coffee. Bryan, a business owner of a small graphic design studio Sponge Graphics Design and Japanese style sausage sandwiches Hottu Doggu, and his soon to be brother-in-law Rayan, a car rental owner, thought of a way to make more profit since their businesses are affected by the pandemic. With their love for a brewed cup and Japanese food, having a food spot that celebrates both is just a natural step for them to take.
"For months, we were thinking of what other business or work we can do for extra income and to help us get by. Until one day on our bike ride, we came across a pop-up local coffee shop and got inspired and so we thought to partner up and build our own," Bryan tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. "Since we both are Japanese food and coffee drinkers we have decided to line it with the Japanese sausage stall and so Kori Kohi (Iced Coffee) was born."
Established on May 15, 2021, Kohi Mkt captured the hearts of urban bikers thanks to its Japanese food offerings, from food to drinks, and its minimalist shop aesthetic. According to Bryan, they first envisioned the shop to only have a to-go service. But after seeing people stick around in their place while they enjoy their orders, they have decided to add an alfresco dining setup by setting up some tables and chairs for a few diners and bikers in their front space.
"The support of the people and the biking community was overwhelming," he says. "Both the bikers and coffee lovers really loved the concept. The challenge is that we don’t have enough space but the benefit is we got the support of the biking community."
While the café's caffeine fixes centers on Japanese recipes, the drinks continue to celebrate local produce featuring arabica from Sagada with a small percentage of robusta from Kalinga. Some of their recommended must-try food and drinks are the Kori Kohi Salted Caramel, Hottu doggu's Harakiri, and Maple bacon donut.
Kohi Mkt's brewed drinks
Hottu doggu's Japanese sausage sandwich
Maple bacon donuts
Apart from their delectable offerings and humble spot, Kohi Mkt owners believe that what sets them apart is the camaraderie they build with their customers. They believe that service and hospitality must be at its best just like the drinks and dishes they serve. With minimal physical contact this pandemic brought to our times, it is just right for the shop to give a special in-person connection in their service.
"There is an increasing number of good coffee shops out there, all selling quality coffee," Bryan muses. "We always make an effort to make them feel welcome. Greet customers as they walk in, ask how they are, getting feedback and getting to know them better, remembering their favorite drink. We love it because it makes them feel special. It makes them want to come back."
"In the coffee world, there will always be a market for your product," he adds. "The coffee shop offers a uniquely calm atmosphere where people can gather with family and friends to catch up over a coffee or enjoy the moment."
Currently, Kohi Mkt operates in a takeout and delivery setup due to MECQ. Get updates by following them @kohi.mkt on Instagram or dropping by their shop at 1147 Antipolo Street, Rizal Village, Makati City.