AUDIO JUNKIE: Hiphop bounces back

Hiphop just bounced back big time this week.

Starting with one of South East Asia’s biggest in RAMENGVRL.  The Indonesian rap star just released a new track titled “I’m Ugly.”  Her press writes, “Here RAMENGVRL shuts down criticisms on her appearance via self-assured proclamations of her greatness, to prove that nobody can bring her down.”

Single-note bass piano riffs play over trap beats as RAMENGVRL champions substance over perceptions, or as she delicately puts it, “These bitches say I’m ugly / but it’s ok I got money.”

The track fuses “UK Hiphop and grime influenced rhythms with RAMENGVRL’s characteristic swagger and charisma.” Makes sense as it’s produced by SoKor-based UK beatmaker ROMderful.  

The track came with a new music video and in it, RAMENGVRL is criticizing the unhealthy obsession with pre-defined ideals of beauty. “None of those standards matter,” declared the rap artist.

“This song is about shutting down people who like to bring us down by telling us we’re ugly or we’re not up to society's standards, but lemme tell you something: if you’re in your bag and you’re killing the game, then you ain’t ugly.”

Marion Aunor is a music artist that is the least bit Hiphop, but her new single “Kama” certainly evokes soundscapes that touch on the genre with its trap beats and electronic twiddling.

“Kama” leans more on moody R&B but we can’t help associate its beats to Hiphop everytime the track reaches its chorus highlights. We think it’s a fine example of taking bits of different things and bringing it together tastefully.

“Kama” is the first single from Marion Aunor’s very own Wild Dream Records.

Meanwhile Karencitta leaves no doubt as to what music style her heart lies in. The ‘Dalagang Cebuana from Lorega’ returns with a new song titled “Anoona” (Ano na?).

This bouncy mid-tempo track is a sexy number that also features Cursebox and Nik Makino. The track is actually quite short as it only runs for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

But it’s enough in its brevity. The premise of the song? Let’s just say that it’s a 2021 rap version of “Let’s Get It On.”  

Young Vito is a rap artist whose rise to viral hit status was cut when netizens made a stink about a track he released some time ago.

But this talented music artist is back with a new single titled “Foley.” This funky and chilled track finds Young Vito taking things slowly and working with an equally talented music producer that goes by the moniker Gigi.

“Foley” is built for kicking back in the clubs, with a cold one in one hand and the other raised as it keeps in time with the beat with the rest of the gang. Yeah, we all want to see that day come back again soon.

Last but definitely not least is a master.

BJ Castillano a.k.a BECAUSE returns with an atmospheric new track titled “7777-2-3.”

This is BECAUSE’s first single since releasing his third full length album “Heartbreak SZN 2” back in 2020.

Those that dug that album won’t be so surprised about the ominous sounding “7777-2-3” because the rapper has been grooving on these types of sounds for some time now.

But just because he’s slowing it down, doesn’t mean his touch has gone on the wayside as well. Just check out the way Because builds on his rapping rhythm and phrases as the song reaches its climax.