It’s sunny-safe at Solaire!

While the COVID situation is slowly improving, health safety is still a major concern for all of us. So, it’s good to know that integrated resorts such as Solaire have made their establishments havens of health and safety protocols – giving us the best of two worlds. 

On one hand, there’s the world of confidence and feeling of safety that Solaire patrons can enjoy. The knowledge that the utmost in measures have been taken. And on the other hand, there’s the world of amenities, of F&B outlets, and the gaming areas – all ready to welcome us back, and make Solaire the resort that can’t be beat. 

Solaire joins the world’s safest luxury hotels by becoming Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED with Forbes Travel Guide.

In typical five-star manner, Solaire reaches for and maintains standards that set them apart. With more exacting health and safety measures in place, our favorite integrated resort joins the world’s safest luxury hotels by becoming Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED with Forbes Travel Guide. This Sharecare Seal means that we’re covered with the most stringent measures during any visit to Solaire.

Before even entering the property, we encounter top-of-the-line disinfecting chambers, foot baths, and temperature scanners. These exist at every entry point, ensuring our safety and security within the premises. Nothing is left to chance to turn Solaire into a safe “bubble.” 

At all Solaire dining establishments, health protocols are strictly observed.

Guest counters and desks are equipped with plexiglass shields, on top of safety markers on the floor to maintain proper social distancing. In all the rooms, surface areas are meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected with Diversey’s Oxivir TB, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As an added measure, UVC Light Technology is used. 

At all Solaire dining establishments, social distancing is maintained, and regular deep cleaning of tables and chairs is achieved with Diversey’s Suma J512, electrostatic sprayer, and UVC light. QR codes allow patrons to indulge in the world-class cuisine by contactless menu browsing.

As an added safety measure, UVC Light Technology is used. 

Solaire also completed installation of UVC disinfection technology in its central air-conditioning system as far back as October 2020 that covers 100 percent of the property – from both hotel towers, shops, casino, hallways, restaurants, bars, and even its back of house areas.  This filters 99 percent of viruses and bacteria and eliminates pathogens.

One can enjoy Solaire’s gaming areas with the knowledge that these areas are subjected to regular top to bottom cleaning, which includes bills, cards, and chips also being sanitized by using a handheld UVC scanner. To maintain social distancing, the layout of open tables and slot machines has been reconfigured. No stone has been left unturned to ensure risk-free gaming thrills and enjoyment.

And mind you, after all this rigorous cleaning and sanitizing, Solaire’s hygiene team checks the areas via swabbing – utilizing a luminometer to ensure all surfaces and items get a passing score of below 100 Relative Light Unit (RLU).

All rooms undergo rigorous cleaning and sanitizing.

Some might comment that all these may seem overdramatic and going beyond what regular protocols demand as the minimum. Perhaps that’s exactly the point, Solaire is out to resume operations in a manner that would elicit the most confidence from its discriminating patrons. 

Before the pandemic struck, Solaire was the ray of sunshine among our luxury integrated resorts, so many good moments and memories are part of my Solaire experience. Personally, I’m waiting for the shows to resume, even if with social distancing. One of my most enjoyable 2020 pre-pandemic memories would be that of the Dave Chappelle show at Solaire, and how accommodating he was when Issa (Litton) and I approached him the night before his shows.