LOOK: Special takeouts by noted chefs to add delight to your holiday feast

Holiday eats that come with a gourmet twist

Holidays are the time when people revisit old family recipes as they prepare a feast to share with their loved ones. It is somewhat a sacred culinary tradition to many and a must-do so no one will forget their history through food.

But if you’re in the mood to change things up this season, noted chefs are sharing their dishes from their kitchen to your home for everyone to enjoy and dive in. From sumptuous roasts and crispy lechon to the sweetest desserts, these picks don’t just have a culinary master’s seal of approval but also merge the traditional and modern that will definitely make your noche buena a dining experience you and your loved ones will never forget.

Cibo's Maiale al Latte

Chef Margarita Forés serves a truly mouthwatering dish with Cibo’s Maiale al Latte. A pork shoulder braised with milk is slowly cooked for up to three hours. Hyping up the creamy experience is its milk sauce that is made more flavorful with garlic, rosemary, and sage.

Gallery by Chele's Christmas Turkey Feast

Christmas Turkey Feast by Chef Chele Gonzalez and his team at Gallery by Chele is definitely fit for a big handaan. Apart from the golden slow-cooked turkey, the menu also comes with side dishes and other tapas that will make your holiday table Instagram perfect.

Illo’s Party Trays' Balamban Lechon Belly

What’s a Filipino feast without lechon? Chef N Rovillos presents a truly delectable Balamban Lechon Belly, a golden piece of meat with crunchy skin covering juicy and tender meat. Yum!

Angrydobo's Truffle Galantina Chicken

Celebrity chef Judy Ann Santos puts a luxe twist on a roasted chicken dish and came up with Angrydobo's Truffle Chicken. Served in a tampipi box, the fragrant chicken lays on top of a bed of greens and comes with four special sauces.

Cafe Fleur's Seafood-Squid Ink Paella

A jump from the other meat fest is Chef Sau Del Rosario’s Seafood-Squid Ink Paella. Together with his team at Cafe Fleur, he lays the freshest catch on top of dark rice bringing major flavors in every bite.

Casa Daza's empanada

Bringing a Filipino-Latin flair is Casa Daza by Chef Sandy Daza with his special empanada. His pork asado, chicken asado, and bola-bola empanadas have nostalgic flavors and are easy to consume–perfect treats for guests to savor while mingling.

Cafe Ysabel's Strawberry Shortcake

A delightful end to a savory journey is Chef Gene Gonzalez’s Strawberry Shortcake in a can. Cafe Ysabel’s best-selling dessert is just decadent with its strawberry topping made glossy by ruby syrup.

Chef RV Cafe's Bibingka Galapong

For a touch of Filipino holiday tradition, Chef RV Manabat crafts a Special Bibingka Galapong that has a generous addition of salted egg and melted cheese on top.

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