Nadine Lustre, first Filipina celebrity to launch audio NFT collectibles

Published November 12, 2021, 9:07 AM

by Enzo Luna

Nadine Lustre – Wait For Me

Nadine Lustre continues to be a revelation as one of the Philippines’ most recognized multi-hyphenates. She has shown her acting talent by receiving various honors for her performances, which range from starring in blockbuster hits to becoming a prime-time star. Nadine is a multi-talented Filipina.

As an actor, singer-songwriter, music video director, and beauty entrepreneur, to mention a few, she continues to grow.

With a long list of accomplishments under her belt, it’s no surprise that Nadine is eager to extend her horizons. Her most recent project, ENTER.AUDIO, is claiming new territory in the freewheeling realm of audio NFTs, paving the way for Filipino creatives to enjoy the thrilling world of NFTs.

ENTER.AUDIO’s arrival into the Philippines democratizes art and music creation by allowing thousands of Filipinos to earn money by investing or creating on the NFT platform. This is especially true in the event of a global pandemic when people can supplement their income by tapping into new sources of revenue.

This is the sort of technology that Nadine is pioneering with the drop of her own NFT in the ENTER.AUDIO’s platform, slated on November 11, 2021. ENTER.AUDIO’s free and easy to access services provide a simple and easy entry point for upcoming and established musicians to segue into minting and selling audio NFTs where they can opt to have as much as 20% in royalties on all future resales of their music, making sure that their wallet holdings increase with the value of their works.

The multi-minting feature also allows you to mint 20.000 editions of your NFT in one simple transaction. Royalty splitting ensures transparency in collaborations with fellow artists and charities.

What is NFT all about?

For the uninitiated, NFT (non-fungible tokens) is the newest frontier in the cryptocurrency gold rush. They’re a purely digital phenomenon — a technology that allows people to trade intangible fragments of the internet as if they were physical objects. In short, NFT ushers in a new era of digital collectibles with items that are stamped with a unique bit of code that serves as a permanent record of its authenticity. These are stored on a blockchain, the distributed ledger system that underlies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

NFTs allow digital collectibles to be bought and sold like trading cards. Because of the nature of blockchain technology, once a token is created, it can’t be deleted or counterfeited. This makes it useful for artists or musicians to create limited edition digital creations and trade them over a safe and secure network.

While there are many NFT marketplaces out there, Nadine opted to select ENTER.AUDIO for her latest venture because of the varied range of features that empower Filipinos who wish to create, invest, and earn through a reliable NFT platform.

From a journey that began in Norway, ENTER was founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, artists, musicians, and developers, with the objective to provide creators with safe and accessible tools that allow them to turn their music, art, and ideas into NFTs.

The many loopholes in the creative industry paved the way forward for ENTER to fill the gaps as the first NFT marketplace with a deflationary auction and bidding system.

Artists, musicians, and other creators have long struggled with the fact that replicating their digital creations is trivially easy. Scarcity — the quality that gives offline art its value — was hard to replicate online, because anyone who downloaded a file could copy and paste it an infinite number of times, with no loss in quality.

The blockchain technology of NFT revolutionized the industry by making it possible to stamp digital goods with a cryptographic marker of authenticity and keep a permanent record of its ownership. People can duplicate the file contained in an NFT all they want, but they will not be able to fake the digital signature behind it. This gives collectors of rare digital goods some peace of mind because the NFT technology could also be used to keep track of all kinds of goods in the future, a noteworthy feature that would be beneficial to the creative industry.

ENTER aimed to fill this void by introducing ENTER.ART in June 2021, followed by ENTER.AUDIO in November 2021. On Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, ENTER’s NFT ecosystem is home to over 1000 artists, 10.000 collectors, and a community of over 100.000 crypto and NFT fans.

Here’s how you can own an NFT like Nadine Lustre’s audio:

1: Create a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

2: Go to to buy NFTART tokens easily with your bank card or crypto.

3: Buy NFT on /

Collect, buy, and create music NFTs on WWW.ENTER.AUDIO.

For the latest news and updates on ENTER.AUDIO, follow ENTER on Instagram and Twitter at @enterNFT and #enterAudio #enterNFT #enterArt. Also, visit WWW.ENTER.ART.