T.I.P. SEBI Tech pioneers blockchain-powered digital certificates for schools

T.I.P. SEBI Tech x Turing Chain

SEBI Technologies, Inc. (SEBI Tech), a spin-off company of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.), has pioneered the development of blockchain-encrypted digital certificates in the Philippines.

SEBI Tech is a forerunner in the development of blockchain-based digital certifications for schools.

T.I.P. SEBI Tech partnered with Taiwanese start-up Turing Chain to bring the revolutionary and state-of-the-art technology here, aiming to produce an initial 15,000 traceable, incorruptible, and secure e-certificates for its students.

"This collaboration is a significant progress for T.I.P. and Turing Chain. Issuing documents with innovative techniques is a brand-new concept. With SEBI Tech, the technology will soon be made available to more schools and industry partners in the Philippines as well," said T.I.P. Senior Vice President and concurrent SEBI Tech President and CEO Angelo Lahoz.

The blockchain solution will simplify the validation process for certificates and effectively prevent forgery. Using an asymmetric encryption scheme, Turing Chain guarantees high information transfer privacy.

For schools, this means devoting less manpower to the tedious requests for credentials such as diplomas and transcript of records, which include mailing. Students no longer need to spend a lot of time and money, only to run administrative procedures in the new normal.

For industries, recruitment will be much simpler and cheaper. Companies can instantly verify an applicant's background from anywhere in the world by just clicking on a URL or scanning a QR code provided.

As blockchain promises transparency of every bit of data, it efficiently builds trust between parties involved, making the process more convenient, fully online, and above all, secure.

"Bringing our blockchain-based certificate system to a new country is both a breakthrough and a remarkable opportunity. As trust in blockchain grows, more and more companies are willing to give it a try. It's a demonstration of digital transformation," said Turing Chain CEO Jeff Hu.

Founded in Berkeley, Turing Chain is expanding rapidly around the world, serving more than 80 institutions in industries like agriculture, real estate, sports, and the arts.

To give their and T.I.P. SEBI Tech's blockchain technology a try, you may contact info@sebitechnologies.com.