Make your rainy days cozier with these dishes that warm the heart—and the tummy

Published October 26, 2021, 1:01 PM

by John Legaspi

If there is one good thing about being stuck at home during the pandemic, it is that one doesn’t really need to mind the weather. In our pre-pandemic time, people’s everyday battle includes the stressful commute, the rush of the city, and during monsoon shifts, they also brave the rain while going out and about.

We are not saying that living in isolation during a pandemic is the best thing we never knew we needed. Of course, getting the Philippines COVID-free is still on top of our prayers. But, with the importance of finding little joy every day, it is nice to experience the rainy weather in the comfort of our home. And what better way to elevate the cozy experience than to have delicious meals to keep us warm.

Cheesy Beef Ramen

Cheesy Beef Ramen

Craving for something Japanese, then Tokyo Tokyo’s Cheesy Beef Ramen (P210) is the one to order. Just imagine, beef misono in its signature tonkotsu broth made creamier with sliced cheese and a nitamago egg—a perfect rainy day bowl. What you should try as well are its other ramen variants to satisfy your cravings, from Seafood, Chicken Teriyaki to Spicy Chicken for those who like it with a kick.

Special Reserve Hawaii Kona coffee

Special Reserve Hawaii Kona coffee

Dream of Hawaii while wrapped in blankets with Nespresso’s Special Reserve Hawaii Kona coffee. Made of 100 percent Arabica Kona beans that are exclusively cultivated on the steepest slopes of Hawaii’s volcanic terrain so you’ll taste the exceptional richness of delicate flavors that is infinitely rich and smooth. Its silky texture revealing a fruity bouquet with subtle nutty notes also captured the hearts of coffee lovers around the globe. The limited-edition coffee returns in local Nespresso boutiques, pop-up stores, and online at their website.


Ma. Alegria “Bing” Sibal Limjoco, Mike Pelayo, Chai Datuin-De Leon, Paul Ansay, Kevin Tan, and Phil Pineda

Chicken Barbeque, Pufflabok, and Bao-b-q

What not to miss on your gloomy day food journey is Vito’s BBQ. With the opening of its first branch in Makati City, it’s becoming easier to enjoy its variety of food favorites including chicken barbeque, pufflabok, bao-b-q, among others. Now open for franchising, Vito’s BBQ currently has three operating stores and targets to open four more outlets this month.

Frozen Lechon Baka

Frozen Lechon Baka

Indulge on lechon baka at home anytime with Rico’s juicy, tender, and smoky roasted flavored hand-sliced Lechon Baka, which is now available in frozen food packs. Whether you are a cooking novice or too busy to whip up a home-cooked meal, the newest addition of the brand lets you enjoy a hearty dish that you can share with your loved ones this rainy season. It comes in both sizes: the Junior Size Original (250g) for only P350 and the Fiesta Size Original (600g) priced at P810. Add a zing and indulge in the iconic spicy flavor, priced at P380 for the Junior Size (250g) and P870 for the Fiesta Size (600g).

Happy rainy day eating!