Watch your e-store go viral this holiday season

Not even an extended lockdown can stop Filipinos from starting early on the holiday cheer. With Christmas-themed decorations and lights already popping up in homes and public spaces, it’s clear that Pinoys will find ways to keep traditions alive.

This includes the exchange of gifts between family and friends. But with shopping malls and other physical stores still operating at a limited capacity, purchases will happen mostly online and businesses, especially small enterprises, need to prepare!

“Big e-commerce platforms have long adapted big mall sales into online mega sales that drive Filipinos to click to cart. However today, leading up to the holiday rush, small online businesses need to create buzz to capture the attention of customers and drive them to sales touchpoints as they are doing their digital window shopping,” said Norman Barrientos, Marketing Director for Southeast Asia of GoDaddy, the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs worldwide.


As a brand that offers digital tools and guidance for entrepreneurs to create a strong online presence, GoDaddy shares five tips on how your business can stand out for customers amid the holiday rush.

Tip#1: Have Thumb-Stopping Content

According to the Digital 2021 Report, Pinoys spend an average of six hours browsing the internet daily from a mobile device. From going through their social media feeds reading emails, and researching and shopping online, your business needs to cut through the clutter via good content.

“Well-designed graphics, beautiful photos, and short catchy videos can help to make customers pause their browsing and funnel their attention towards your brand and what you’re offering,” said Barrientos.

No graphic design experience is required as there are available tools that allow you to design great content with ready templates. GoDaddy Studio, for example, is an app that enables you to edit images and videos to create stunning and thematic product shots, promotional cards, and emailers from your trusty mobile phone.

Tip#2: Create Thematic Sales Moments

Ride on 11.11 and 12.12. Create your own spin on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays. You can even start your store’s own unique day. Thematic sales moments can add a sense of urgency for customers to take advantage of deals. It’s also an opportunity to refresh your site with special layouts that add excitement too.

E-commerce builders like GoDaddy’s E-Store allows you to easily change your website’s layout, thanks to over 1,500 available templates that suit a wide variety of businesses. It also has integrated social media tools that help you target customers where they spend time the most and pull them into your website.

Tip#3: Award Customer Loyalty

Aside from liking your products, if a customer has a positive user experience with your website, they will most likely keep purchasing and even refer your brand to their friends,” said Barrientos. Awarding loyal customers through discount coupons and special offers can help to build that positive experience. With GoDaddy’s E-store product, you can easily create coupons that treat your customers with savings.

Tip#4: Offer Website Exclusive Items

Most small businesses opt for multi-channel selling to court sales from more touchpoints. You can funnel the interest from different channels by directing them to your website for more exclusive products. “With your own E-Store, you’re able to control the product catalog–often a limitation with other platforms. That helps direct traffic to your website and allows customers to discover more of your offerings,” added Barrientos.

Tip#5: Take Advantage of the Season

If you’re looking to create your own E-Store, now is the best time to build one in line with GoDaddy’s Year End Sale. There are special offers across its suite of online tools. Get as much as 50% off across domain names and Professional E-mail. There is also a special deal on yearly E-Store plans by using the code: ESTORE1MO.

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